Why would Tran be angry?

We don't have the space.

The speaker believes that cosmetic industries always behave in an ethical way.

She's not stronger than me.

It is easy to answer this question.

The Hubble Space Telescope was originally due to be launched in 1986, but the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger delayed the launch until April 24, 1990.

He didn't come, because he was sick.

Don't tell anyone that we are doing this.

We are the future, guys.

Kelvin was punctual.


Mike laughs.

Is that why you want to kill me?

They shed tears at the news.

This document needs to be signed, this one reviewed, and this one approved.

It's freezing in here.

I'm usually pretty good with faces, but I didn't recognize him at all.

The prisoners would have to go through yet one more hardship.

Terrence has left for Boston.

I told Juliane I was just joking.


A good deed never goes unpunished.

Why would you want to live in Boston?

Where does this road lead to?


Let's begin on page 30.

Kathleen fell in love with Tanya at first sight.

He could swim very well when he was young.

We should cultivate our minds by reading good books.

A jealous person gets a feeling of contentment by behaving like a dog in the manger even with his friends.

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Who do you think killed her?

All the students in my class are friendly.


Why can't they do it?

Mac ignored Saiid's email messages.

Sjouke has an interest in Japanese language and history.

He is not my son, but my nephew.


Donald decided not to go to the party.

The gods forever graciously abide with you!

We should take a break and have some tea.

That sounds like them.

Who's your favorite Hollywood actor?

He refused to answer my questions.

It's a kitchen knife.

Johnny will assist us.

His remark was really out of line.

What happened to our food?

Does Graham like the same kind of music as Sandy?

Bertrand is happier than we've ever seen him.

Elric hasn't done anything yet.


The girls run and play.

The person responsible has been fired.

The laborers are murmuring against their working conditions.

I hope we can help.

I knew then and there that I could never get along with Jerald.

Where are you today?

He doesn't want to play with his toys.

We ordered some new books from England.

The only question now is how we're going to get home.

If someone's in trouble, you should help them.

Pantelis likes music a lot.

In the name of the moon, we'll punish you!

The island was therefore a sure haven for all criminals who had run from the law.

Sriram took the bottle of Scotch from his briefcase and handed it to Kees.

I can't understand what happened.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

It's too unstable.

I want you to treat me a little nicer from now on.

Blair just turned thirty years old.

You remember things more easily than me.

Matt never told me he wanted to go to Boston with us.

The report made much of that fact.

My father is going to china

We are annoyed at the constant noise.

You're a suspect.

Maruyama Park is a place where a lot of people gather.

I think Jurevis is prepared.


There's no doubt that he's English.

He never stopped writing.

Please ring him up.

He was too curious.

Ms. Takada accused the boy of copying another student's homework.


I sort of like him.

We have lunch about noon.

Don't sic a dog on others or he might bite you.

Did you kiss them goodbye?

I have him here with me.

I was trying to be quiet.

Kayvan looked deeply into King's eyes.

To the best of my knowledge, no.

The monastic life is no life for me.

He took a deep breath and tried to put his uneasiness to rest.

He took care of the children while his wife was shopping.


I wrote down where I was working.


I'd already thought of that.

He is very careful.

I'm not proud of it.

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She's not as short as I am.


Franklin can't run very fast.

Both Kayvan and Isabelle were disappointed.

How often do you go to the beach?


I'm just here to observe.

Judge is probably a little upset.

I didn't want to be disturbed.


I figured out a way to make more money.

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Irving can understand Louise's problem to some extent.

I studied for more than two hours, and afterward I went to bed.

I know you lost your father last year.

I'm worried about my weight.

I've already finished my homework.

Jochen is strange.

I'm sure everything will work out just fine.


Our opponents are teachers which cost us nothing.

Andrew is totally in love with Shatter.

Don't make an enemy of Marc.

She smiled at the sight of her mother.

Are we undemocratic when we try to impose our own linguistic norms on others?


Yumiko was a little angry.

Darrell says he doesn't like air conditioning.

Dominick says he really likes his new job.


She sells sweets so she can make a little bit of money.

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I don't actually have them.

From the tunnel came the muted sound of a train whistle.

Spanish words sound sandy...

The current political situation is not very stable.

This is the season to pick fresh tea.

This work is an improvement on your last.

I wouldn't blame you if you preferred to leave.


Tell me what you thought I said.


This fantasy of wanting to live in poverty is a silly woman's dream.

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That's what I tried to tell Wilson.

By the time you realize I'm gone, I'll be miles away. Don't try to find me.

I've been sober for eight months.


I'm not going to go to school today.

The Diet was totally deadlocked over the bill.

Just don't make me do this again.

Jennifer abstains from alcohol.

We're not going to give up.

We shouldn't do this to her.

Her boyfriend was there, too.


We don't trust Rakhal.


I don't want to spend the rest of my life regretting it.

Sarah told Elliot.

She's her own boss.


I heard a door slam.

In ancient China there were no cats; the cat that we are familiar with today was not imported into China from abroad until much later.

We have seen no one.

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We've had no problems whatsoever.

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Hon arrived there after dark.


Eliminating the deficit will be a hard nut to crack.


I can't tell you all my secrets.

I don't know why you're all so angry.

It was thought the Earth is a flat disc.

Lum had put off telling Shamim the bad news for as long as possible.

That company is doing very well in terms of total sales.

Something was bothering her.

The fire was extinguished at once.


How dare you do that to him?

Where can I rent a Halloween costume?

It was a bet.

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He did not see anyone else at the station.

I don't see any customers complaining.

Don't play around too much after school.

Tran and Elric suddenly realized they weren't alone.

Linda wanted Dan to put on a condom.

You told Erik the whole story.

Please take off your shoes.

To him the five minutes seemed like as five hours.

I think she's an honest woman.


Caleb hired Syun as an interpreter.