This would never have happened if Francis hadn't been here.

I'm not presentable.

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Filth breeds illnesses.

I couldn't find her anywhere.

We won the game.


This used to be my room.

He regrets having been lazy.

Moreover, freedom in the United States is indivisible from the freedom to practice one's religion. That is why there is a mosque in every state of our union, and over 1,200 mosques within our borders.

It was his habit to rise early.

I always get up early.

I invited twelve people to my party, but one person could not come.

I entered her room.

There's something else I'd like you to do for me.

We're both in the same class.

I don't have a problem.

Antigua and Barbuda is an independent country.

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You have no idea how pretty the girls are around here!

I never imagined anything like this.

To find a solution is easier said than done.

Our parents live right across the street from us.

My dog is scared to death of needles.

Is there a golf course near here?

Her grandmother lived to be 88 years old.


You must give me 500 dollars right now.

I've never eaten horsemeat.

You have two younger siblings.

Everyone looks scared but Jayesh.

In France, where the site was founded, Tatoeba has become a cultural and social phenomenon.


Do you want to sell them?

Put these dishes inside the drawer, please.

Helge had a lot of respect for Klaus.


Willie is starting to worry.

The company president's welcome was so long that we were squeezed for time in the second half of the ceremony.

Can you tell me about your project?

Do you think I'd let that stop me?

The boy is slim.

Roberto gazed at George in admiration.

Courtney isn't indispensable.

Well you can imitate everyone you know.

Many Americans supported Nixon.

I shouldn't have gone home late at night by myself.

She was carried away by the police.

I know Mahmoud didn't do it.

John is a good friend of mine.


I'd never betray her.

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Statesmen should take account of public opinion.

I can't do it without a hammer.

Emil isn't a crook.


I don't understand what happened.


The dog ate the bone, which I gave him.


I think it would be best if you do as Kit says and leave.


It's a sign of the times.

A great many brave men and women will accompany me on the road to victory.

I can't blame you.

Her husband is a nice-looking man who is a little on the lean side.

I worked hard in order to support my family.


I'd like to be an American.

"But I don't want to be digested," shouted Pinocchio, starting to sob.

I regret not having taken my doctor's advice.

Look at us.

They're more than friends.

You'll find a job.

I'm remodeling.


Just find him.

It's time to go to sleep.

Can you speak French at all?

Micheal promised to clean the living room.

The newspaper declared for the Republican candidate.

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I'm on my way over.

Why are you guys so angry?

Stop distracting me.

I wish I could believe that.

The situation has improved considerably compared with what it was.

Starbuck didn't resist.

My father pulled his car into the large park.


I'd like to send a registered letter.

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The condition looks favourable.


Bright picture.

Donnie thinks there's a good chance that Naim will say yes.

He supports six people.

Tickets are $5 for adults, and $2 for senior citizens and children.

I didn't pay.

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What are you getting Lui for his birthday?


I'm trying to eat more vegetables.

Puppies love to chew on everything.

Kristin is really busy right now.

Del filled up the holes.

Because they had no time to spare, they hurried back to town.

Hui got Carlos to drive him home.

I really loved the show.


She lives in the bad part of town.

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My father's death from cancer challenged me to take up research on it.


I waited for ten minutes, though they seemed like 10 hours to me.


He left the office just now.

Her sudden arrival prevented him from going out.

We need to find Jwahar right away.

I won't see you again.

He was nearly hit by the car while crossing the street.

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Scot could've taken the money.

Victoria made Bradley swim.

He was a funny president.

This is so beautiful I cried a little.

Selena Gomez grew up in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Lindsay loves risotto.

The TV antenna broke away in last night's storm.

I still don't care.

It was a delightful evening.


I was going to work when John saw me.

The Tennessee River Valley area was very poor.

I spent fifty dollars to get my dog neutered.

You can't help them.

I've known him my whole life.

This medicine does not have side effects.

Sassan put on his snowshoes.

He has bought a book written in English in the book store.

Your office called and left a message.

In Britain, there are lots of elements that define the diasporic lives.

I told them that.


She had a beautiful smile.


Those asked Lord to do something for him, but I don't know what.

She is a runner.

It's a surprise.

I'm sure Glen wouldn't want to offend anyone.

After a couple of drinks, the guy was feeling no pain.

Chip doesn't know whether he can do it, but he'll give it a try.

I can't go any faster.

I only did what was necessary.

Sabrina vanished.


Lorien probably will be here by 2:30.

I asked Milo where he got that.

They jostled one another to get out of an emergency exit.

This is free.

The conversation at table is lively and interesting.

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Unless a nation's life faces peril, war is murder.


I hear the service there is good and the food is delicious.


I'll consult with her.

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This company manufactures computer chips.

Saumya looked at me triumphantly and said, "Check and mate."

There are four main causes of alcohol-related death. Injury from car accidents or violence is one. Diseases like cirrhosis of the liver, cancer, heart and blood system diseases are the others.

I thought she was 30 at most.

I don't know exactly why that is.

I'm still on the fence.

It's a matter of priorities.


I discussed it with Kyung.

All of Darren's predictions came true.

We know what to do.


It happened right in front of us.

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Kurt remained outside on the porch.

Would you please slide the van door open?

I know what you were doing.

Where is the Japanese Embassy?

I borrowed Randell's umbrella.

Tomorrow will be a busy day.

One swallow doesn't make a spring.

To succeed in the 21st century, we must have the most dynamic, educated workforce in the world; that education has to start early in life.

Could you get me a glass of ice water please.

Kinch can do better.

Elwood declined comment on the issue.

She left the room without saying goodbye.

Celia bought a camera at a bargain sale.

It doesn't make a lot of sense.

Do you know any French?

Owen can't help thinking about Brad.

You've made a good many mistakes.