I tried that a couple of times.

The road ascends gently here.

You sure guessed the critical points of that teacher's exam.

Do you know where I could buy another one of these?

They do like her.

She said that a good gin and tonic is like summertime in a glass, and it struck me as being too true.


I thought Betty wouldn't notice that Nick wasn't here.


Dad bought me a book.

After the storm, the ocean was calm.

Phil didn't go alone.


You can't do it.

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There were 13 arrests.

I am crazy about you.

I should take him with me.

Why do we need aspartame?

It may just be a matter of time.


In this language school, my goal is to learn another language so that I can go to another country and speak with their people in their language.

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Nicolo went for a walk and took pictures of things he saw.

Vincenzo spoke to me last night, too.

This seems too good to be true.

If the source is not specified, a quote is not a quote but plagiarism.

They play football after school.

What did you cook for dinner?

Pontus buried her toes in the warm sand.

They arranged a meeting.

Dennis made everything.

Doesn't he know me?

They must have agreed about this subject.

I want to want what you want.

Jared hopes to rest a lot during her vacation.

I thought it was the right thing to do.

They won't let Yvonne escape.

I'm still not certain.

This recording is distinguished by a successful synthesis of structural clarity and a manner of music-making based on the affects intrinsic to the music.

Avoid fried foods for a while.

I'm supposed to meet Alain.

Saify exhaled.

The election gave the party a role in the government.

A lie has no legs.

I like this dog.

The way that she spoke hurt me.

Get in the Jeep.


How do you build something as big as that on the sand?


May I pay you a drink?


The bill passed both Houses.

Oliver has freckles.

I realize I don't actually really need a sailboat.

I hurt my foot.

Have you ever seen Trey do that before?

I am far from happy.

How's your day been?


Is that the way you talk to me?

Monica started pounding on the door.

How long was Herve in Boston?

Can you explain it more clearly?

It doesn't make economic sense.


He likes to take a solitary walk.


She eats but little flesh of any kind.

Mosur is in a coma, but he's stable.


He didn't see a thing.

I have a corner in my heart just for you.

I'm paying.

I heard the children's happy voices.


I am not hungry.

He and I are the same age.

He didn't come, because he was sick.

The house collapsed in an earthquake.

Look, the boys are walking barefoot in the water.


Long, long ago an old couple lived in a village, and, as they had no children to love and care for, they gave all their affection to a little dog.


"Could you please buy me a book?" "What kind of book?"

Murray told me you had a blind date.

Delbert has an aunt who is in prison.

I don't know who's coming.

I look on watching TV as a waste of time.

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I think Lucius was lied to.

I asked each boy three questions.

Can I keep you company?

We don't want you to leave.

A considerable number of students want to go to college.

I think I'll leave you two alone.

Would you please tell me what you see in him?


Someone's going to hurt you.

You can't be serious! He's no more a doctor than I am.

I could've done that by myself.

On the other hand, when public officials act wrongly, Americans feel a responsibility to protest.

He doesn't have a family.

Ranjit didn't want people to think that he was flirting with Micah.

Some people will go to great lengths to avoid conflict.

She was looking at the fine snow falling on the lake.

Anybody can participate.

Rick eats lunch at the school cafeteria two or three times a week.

We saw her do it.

What do you think about these poems?

He's not rich, but he's happy.


You can go home after you have finished this work.

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She pretended to be hard of hearing.

He never speaks unless spoken to.

She tried for almost an hour.

Did I frigthen you?

John will probably pass the examination.


It's too tight.


You wouldn't believe me.


Why can't Phill do it?

America was at war in 1864.

He studies English, but he's also studying German.

Why is everybody hugging Louiqa?

I thought Len would be pleased.

I want to live in rural areas.

Who's tired?

That company is managed by my older brother.

The city was completely deserted.

When you were two years old, you could count to ten.

There was a light shining ahead and I tried to reach to it.


I'm going to travel to Russia tomorrow.

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That may be a concern.

Sorry to bother you!

Thomas thinks he's the center of the world. He's very egocentric.


She has seen better days.


You should've let me help you.

I went as far as Kyoto by train.

He doesn't even have a car.


She took a taxi to the museum.

Where are you off to?

Gregory is quite a bit older than me.


I know of a place that you like.


The superpowers made significant progress in disarmament.

I wanted you to know.

Nate killed the engine, but left the headlights on.

It rained heavily, so the playground is muddy.

Eating habits differ from country to country.

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I don't want anything more.


The scene shifted to Chicago.

I think Tomas is serious.

I wrote down his address on a piece of paper.

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Your husband is cheating on you.

I hope you and your family have a merry Christmas.

The classmates Edgar shared his lunch with all came down with diarrhea.

Women's rights are human rights.

I think you might be too aggressive.

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He is an angry drunk.

Someone has stolen Fritz's guitar.

Whenever Sonja comes to Boston, he stays with us.

Why don't you follow his example?

The way he talks and acts, you can tell he's a redneck.

"This brand is very mild," Dad said.

I should call a doctor.


Do you know who this belongs to?

This photo was taken by Arlene.

The prefectural governor got the upper hand in the July elections.


It might rain.

I don't know what to do about Emily.

I remember them.

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It is dark out of doors.

The crowd surged into the auditorium.

I don't want anybody watching what I do.

It was so hot that we went swimming.

Kimmo has decided to stay.

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I think I liked you better the way you were before.

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Personally, I like peace.

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Darryl brought flowers.