My cousin suffers from osteoporosis.

Railway workers have their own particular terminolgy.

The teacher put a mark next to his name to show that he was absent.

What were you wearing?


Rotate your screen to see other images.

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There's a possibility that she'll succeed.


We want you to have a good time.


They haven't invited me - I came because I felt like it.

It was nice and warm inside the house.

I didn't go to school last Monday.


Get your hands off of her.

When I got home, I realized that one of my suitcases had disappeared.

Did Seth really tell you that?

He's trying to appeal to the least common denominator.

The child stood near the other children.

I don't want to go up there.

I've got something to give you.

Tell me if you're going to give it to him or not.

My friends started the trip three days ago.

Floria is a decent guy.

I don't think you'll like this.

Why do you have Guillermo's keys?

We talked a lot about health.

It's here somewhere.

Do you think that games and learning are compatible?


Surya and Clyde both don't know how to speak French.

Skef isn't good at hiding his emotions.

Dimetry is coming in for a visit next week.

Lance told me he doesn't know Dick.

I was fined 20 dollars for illegal parking.

I won't tell them a thing.

An afternoon appointment is more convenient for me.

It costs more to mint a penny than the penny itself is worth.

Here we were at Tokyo Station.

Please forward the message below to share this petition with your friends and family.

I thought Micky would walk you to the elevator.


She is eating now.

Lin was afraid to do it by himself.

Get the hell out of here!

Give me five tens and the rest in ones.

Driving a car is really very simple.

It's good, isn't it?

I'll scold him.


You're one of the few friends I have.

He's shorter than I am.

Let's make Valentine's Day chocolate today.

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I just need to get some clothes.


How about a drink?


I don't know it. Nor does he.

The result of this experiment leads to our presumption that element T determines the entire structure.

I told Del that he should call Toerless.

A heavy snow fell in Kyoto for the first time in ages.

They didn't have a prayer.

Kyu and I are almost the same height.

Unfortunately, it's true.

Tharen is in for a shock.

There has to be a way.


The street was dark.

Cats are aloof, guinea pigs are nervous, and dogs need constant love and attention.

You're giving me too much credit.

I'd like to ask you a few questions about Sangho.

He walked back and forth in front of the door, hesitating to enter.

We could ask them not to go.

Do you have friends in your year?


I'm responsible for Anatoly.


My father is worried about my health.


The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.


"Please move aside." "Ya wanna make something of it, sonny?"

He drives a breakdown lorry.

Shane and Celia finally decided to get married.

I'm glad I'm not you.

This bag is 4 kilograms overweight.

I get along quite well now with my new cane.

Every new day could be your last.

Is Suzan in there alone?

I think we'll find Connie.


Also Shawn doesn't love Pontus anymore.

His skeptical friend said that a truly productive space industry may be hundreds, if not thousands, of years from now.

He often doesn't come to school.


That company is, in effect, bankrupt.

This isn't entirely Eric's fault.

There is a garden by the side of your house


I know the country that I come from well.

What's your biggest fear?

The train runs between Tokyo and Hakata.


Ragnar accused Juha of theft.

She has a big house and two cars.

We stayed at a three-star hotel.

After about five drinks, Rex's behaviour becomes unpredictable.

Violence at school is blamed on immigrants.

Let me know when you get the package.

Our professor postponed the exam until next week.

He took the heavy box down from the shelf.

My family is very important to me.

Herbert certainly makes juggling look easy.

You may speak.

Did you actually talk to Jingbai?

He's by no means satisfied.


Elvis stayed there.

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The shy pupil murmured his answer.

Be careful. I don't want you to hurt yourself.

Mr Jones hasn't been here as far as I know.

Why do you have this?

It might happen sooner than we anticipated.

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Suzan washed his face.

Why do you want to see them?

I'm just a fool.

Vectors need not correspond to a physical quantity; anything can be a vector space as long as vector addition and scalar multiplication is defined.

I wanted to see if there really was someone out there.


Cancer patients often have to deal with debilitating bouts of nausea.


The wind fanned the flames.


It sounds like you're busy.


Hon is not as fat as I am.

This machine doesn't have a safety device.

Figure up how much it amounts to.

One month after he had become ill, he died.

I can't believe Carol would just give up.

I'd say you got taken.

According to folktales, cats have nine lives.

If you try at all, you should try your best.

How many pages does this novel have?


There's so much I want to say to all of you.


Everyone here is afraid of me.

Horst takes care of Cathryn.

I'm furious with you.


I killed them both.


You assemble trucks.

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Smoking is bad for the health.


Don't get any funny ideas.

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How many bags did you have?


It has an unpleasant taste.

I took Brandy's umbrella by mistake.

Count me out if you go bowling.

Science has made remarkable progress.

I've heard it said that it's harder to please a woman than to please a man. I wonder if that's true.


I have a few things I need to talk to Saad about.


It seems obvious to me.

No one wants to feel different or left out.

Let me talk to him alone.

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Are you sure there's no way?

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Let's see if we can get this door open.

I don't have the physical strength to move.

Children want to hear the same story over and over again.

They all went to bed.

Heavy fog and rain hindered the search for the missing bushwalkers.

I was too scared to ask.

It's the first time I finish a book.

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This fault results from my wrong decision.


What's Sheila found?

I have a very sore arm where you hit me.

If you want me to wear those boots, I'll wear those boots.

Why didn't you apply for the job?

She wrote the book about people she visited.


We're all very excited about it.

I will call for it tomorrow.

He rapidly ascended to the top.


Konstantinos has to speak to us.