Go and see them.

How does the moon shine at night?


Srikanth is such a nice guy.

Erik is duller than Emily who, until yesterday, was the dullest person I knew.

She drinks wine even though she does not drink beer.

Nigel wants to meet the right man.

Don't worry about the results of the exam.

Nanda says he doesn't know any French.

Perhaps we could find a substitute.

Your hair smells wonderful.

We must say good-bye to our guide.

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I guess our job is not to let that happen.

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It's amazing how much money Kay spends every week.


They rarely go there.

I found out that you knew the victims.

He's a proper young man now.

I just want to let you know that I think you're the most beautiful woman that I've ever seen.

Eric didn't check his mailbox.

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She bought eggs by the dozen.

Moral justice cannot take the innocent for the guilty even if the innocent would offer itself.

He is on goods terms with all of his classmates.

The hawk caught a rat.

Seychelles is called "Sesel" in Seychellois Creole.

The International Language is very useful.

Is eating fish every day bad for you?

Excessive use of the Internet is not a medical or psychiatric issue.

It's only going to get worse now.

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She was ready to help him with cleaning the house.

I'm going to see her tomorrow.

I'm right here.

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The accident taught me to be careful.

You don't know what you are doing, do you?

Her first answer was laudable.

I did all the work myself.

Vice fooled everybody, including me.

How do you know where to go?

Gabriel and Arlene are from the same city.

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What do you want to watch?

He is as intelligent as his brother.

On weekdays there are enough parking spots free that you should be able to get one close to my apartment.

You should be getting dressed.

Is this true?

I studied Italian in Firenze, not in Peruja.

I see the man.


He is a shame of the town.


I'm getting fat.


Don't tell Monica I told you.


My parents enjoy skiing every winter.

He can't tell a cherry tree from a plum tree, but he can name them in twelve languages.

During millennia of space exploration, human travellers found remnants and ruins of ancient alien civilizations. It was "Knock, knock, who's there?" but there was no answer...

There is nothing exciting about the special forces. You just learn how to suffer and there is nothing good in that.

Can you count in French?

She bought him a sweater, but he hated the color.

Carsten kept on crying.

I'm going to buy some things with you.

I'm sure Saiid had to borrow money in order to pay his rent.

I ironed out the wrinkles in my pants.

Don't leave the windows open.

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I'm not the one you should be talking to.


I have already read today's paper.

On a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji from here.

I wish I had gone to Boston with Lar.


If you don't hurry, you'll be late.


I don't want to rest.

She is familiar with Japanese history.

Doors aren't as bad as you think.

Jamie didn't even attempt to help Adrian.

We're going sailing on Monday.

When is Hein coming back?

I'd prefer a sandwich.

There's just one thing missing.

He's afraid to involve himself in paying large sums.

It is already six o'clock!

Jerrie's heart is in the right place.

Why don't we cancel the party?

Where are the kids?

Have you ever spoken to Dylan in French?

I recorded our conversation.

Why didn't you give Roxane the money he asked for?

I'm glad I'm Phill's friend.

I like the sound of that Bell!

Does anybody care?

This is the progress that we merit!

Don't try to trick me!

Many a time did he give me good advice.

He can't stop them.

You don't have to respond by letter.

Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.


Maybe we'll have a talk one of these days.

I don't have any pictures for you.

I haven't eaten since breakfast. I'm hungry.

It's probably my fault.

I ate a nutritious breakfast.

He is still very much alive.

Jochen said that he needed the money.

She can speak French and she speaks it fluently.

We are more closely connected to the invisible than to the visible.


They are very proud of being students of that college.

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I'm not ready to be a mother.

Fletcher has an airtight alibi.

You didn't need to tell me that.


I little expected to see you here.


Tell Byron you're too tired to help.

The graduation ceremony took place on the morning of the first of March.

Gene took off his sunglasses.

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You could not choose.

The boat is heading toward the harbor.

It's news to me.

But that's not the real problem.

Who is Scott talking to?

I still don't like it.

I'm friends with him.


I'll eat a hundred-year egg.

He's never been in love before.

I'll marry you if you change your hair color.


Each country's customs are different, just as each meadow's grass is different.

These might be significant.

I think it's our mistake.

Thuan and Valeria have made up.

Simon asked Ssi to come to Boston.

The top of the hill was bare.

I am terribly afraid of snakes.

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Sumitro asked her friend for advice.

I don't want you on the trip.

I have urgent matters to attend to.


He's paralytic.

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There's nothing to apologize for.

He went on doing it.

I often play tennis after school.

Margie doesn't want to live next door to us.

Cathy didn't want to admit he had a drinking problem.

That's the tricky part, isn't it?

I want her to see this.

That's just wrong.

Bad friends bear bad fruit.

Adams won the presidency in 1796.

That certainly did not cost nothing.

It's faster to reserve a taxi.

You should stretch properly before exercising.

Edward had a weird dream last night.

My mother is a whiz on her Kindle.

Ssi can't seem to avoid Duncan.

It's almost time to go home.

Complete the questionnaire.

As I did not know what to do, I asked him for advice.


It's so fucking cold!

Roxane came over to join us at our table.

We elected her to approach our teacher on the matter.

Is there something that I can help you with?

The president resigned from office after an investigation showed he had lied to voters.


Are you sure you want to quit?


Dick performed at the Tatoeba Center for the Performing Arts.


He has knowledge, and experience as well.

Is that weird?

Jeannette probably thought I wouldn't like that movie.

Regardless of which of these products it is, they're all expensive.

Does the room feel cold to you?

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You had better make a reservation in advance.


I'm willing to do anything to stop him.

It was announced that a typhoon was approaching Kyushu.

Beware of one who praises you to your face.

He is the manager of a hotel.

Where would you like to go this afternoon?

I phoned.

I like tea more than coffee.

You're unbiased.

I can not put up with his insults any longer.