The war in Iraq happened ten years ago.

The less there is to justify a traditional custom, the harder it is to get rid of it.

We have to get out of here tonight.

My father bought me the book.

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You know Brodie pretty well, don't you?

The French Revolution began in 1789.

I just gave it to him.

We're trying as hard as we can.

I want to be there for them.

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What time shall I call back?

Don't act so innocent with me. I know what you're up to.

He received quite a few letters this morning.

I've been studying French for a very long time.

Her cheeks were faintly flushed.

She wants you.

It makes me kind of happy.

My shoelace got caught in the escalator.

I'm calling to support your decision.


Serdar certainly is a good husband.

I often hear her refer to her childhood.

We'd like to split it. Could you bring it to us on two plates?


My sister isn't used to cooking.

The judge sentenced him to one year in prison.

I just want to cry.

Continue your analysis.

Roberto suffered from a heart attack and almost died waiting for the ambulance.

There isn't a single country left on the gold standard.

Thanks a lot for your work. I am having problems with the chinese sentences and in the process of searching chinese sentences using the searching box, I only would like to know if this problem is from the website. Thanks.

Lorraine hasn't watched TV yet.

Why doesn't she call me anymore?

A person who suffers before it is necessary suffers more in life than is necessary.

The work is hereby done.


Can you please come fix it?


She says you'll bring some friends along.


We might never see her again.


Even if it rains, I'll go swimming tomorrow.

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Did you ask them to leave?

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You know more about Kevin than anyone else does.

I have to take the dog away from the children.

The chicken feed I get for a salary is good for nothing.

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I don't want to let myself go bad.

You said Norma loved his son.

I have a big announcement to make.

I'm calm.

The ballots are being counted.

Such a big gift is a white elephant to us.

Harris doesn't think that's a good idea.

She was distracted by grief.

I can't believe they made us pay.

Krill like to breed in really cold water near sea ice.

Do the trains run on diesel oil?

You need a holiday.

This is the only book I have.

The truth was that he was already in love.

I wonder if Cristina ever regrets leaving Kristi.

Get down on the ground.

I make it a rule to go to a spa at intervals for a change.


His patience is worn out.

We weren't aware of the time.

She gambled the money.

Luis had to take care of Spike.

I care about her very much.

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I am very uncomfortable with how this television show portrays women.

I have an idea she will come today.

My mother, who has become a sun, has been on my mind throughout the years.

Not much has changed.

The Time Traveller devoted his attention to his dinner, and displayed the appetite of a tramp.

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She lost her dog.

I ignored him.

We gave you everything you asked for.

Go home and lock the door from the inside.

We don't exclude the possibility of starting a company someday, but that is if and only if we have an innovative, coherent and ethical business model.


I read a book on my iPad while I was eating.

Stars change over time. It may take millions to billions of years for a star to live out its life.

Kelly should be able to do more.


My brother is a teacher.

I was really very hungry.

Which country has the lowest cost of living?


It was a divine intervention.

It was too bad that we had to take the subway home after the concert, because the underground rattling and roaring destroyed almost all of our musical impressions.

That girl just drives me wild.

The guy playing the piano is Stan.

Juergen is busy doing some paperwork.

Terrance has been barred from this club.

That's when we should carry out the plan.

Frederic is hiding in an abandoned building on Park Street.

I often buy bread from the bakery next to the post office.


Neil has already done enough.

I parked my car by the gate.

Would you like to know the truth about this fact?

You're about to make a very serious mistake.

Yeah, sometimes they do.

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We always had to put on a safety belt in case we had an accident.

I can't believe it happened.

I did not study both of the languages.

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Lisa narrowed his eyes in disbelief.

Even though Mr Smith was very wealthy, he was a tight wad.

Eugene made me weep.

I am in the first year of high school.

They paid no attention to his warnings.

Every person is expected to bring their own lunch.

I don't think it's going to be easy.

Why would I hurt anyone?

This is the color of raspberries.

The silence of the night comforts us.

We lost the bet.

If I go to China, it'd be to speak Chinese as much as possible.

It's better to be alone.

I'm fine with people holding hands.

Does Hirofumi know what you're doing?

You should always think highly of your own teachers.

You have nothing to fear but fear itself.


Devon can't believe this.

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Write in less than 50 words.


We're going to find out how to do that.

Jeannie did almost all of the work by himself.

Everything is going as it should be going.

Maurice has quite a few friends.

Don't get on my nerves!

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Did you kill Masanao?

You're irresponsible.

Mr Ito teaches history.

I thought Robin was a doctor.

How long have you been out here?

If Toufic finds out I told you this, she'll be furious.

Keep children away from the pond.

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It's 50 yen.

I wonder what Wendell is scared of.

This road map is very useful.


Janos is very optimistic.

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There was no fresh meat in the market today, so you'll have to content yourselves with something out of a tin.

Mah didn't even thank Marion for cooking dinner.

Maybe we should just go.

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How much would you do a dirty job in Iraq?

Ozan says he wants to leave the country.

His spirit still haunts the manor.

Does anyone know what it means to die of thirst in front of the sea?

He brooded over the mistake he made.

You make too much of the event.

His success is in question.

I'm tougher than I look.

It's really time something was done.

I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some people out there in our nation don't have maps and, uh, I believe that our, uh, education like such as in South Africa and, uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and, I believe that they should, our education over here in the U.S. should help the U.S., uh, or, uh, should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries, so we will be able to build up our future, for our children.

We gain wisdom with age.

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I think that he will return soon.


That is to say, their behavior seems to be against the rules made by adults.

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How much did you pay for that suit?

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I cannot get rid of my cough.

It's not like anybody got hurt.

I want a good dictionary.

You've been in Boston way too long.

I enjoyed working with you.


Have you seen him so often these days?


There isn't anyone here.


I respected some young writers.


There was one option left.

I took her home.

We're wasting precious time.

Do you realize how much trouble you've caused?

The only way to achieve great things in life is to first leave your comfort zone.

I don't personally know Harry.

She will write to me as soon as she returns to her country.

He's a thief, although he doesn't look like it.

Is this your car?