I bet I can prove it.

Goethe wrote "Fausto", Voltaire "Candido", and Machado de Assis wrote "Dom Casmurro".


Miriamne stood there, waiting to cross the busy road.

K-cups have a large environmental impact.

I want this dictionary.


My father is getting along very well.

Susan forgot to turn off the gas.

I am afraid of escalators.

In my room, there are no clocks.

Darren denied knowing anything about it.

I figured everyone was happy.

Let's talk man to man.

Whose bike is this?

Jakob was competent.


They have improved safeguards and they are now better prepared than before.

I was married once.

I don't really care about that.

She was just kidding.

Could I see your driver's license?

I lent her my camera.

He loses his temper easily.

To the chagrin of young job seekers the world over, McDonald's now requires a bachelor's in philosophy for its cashiers.

He didn't like being separated from his family.

I think you should grow a beard.

The bank holds a mortgage on his building.

You'll rue the day you wronged me.

He was mortally wounded.


If you insist.


He dressed very modestly.

Dickens was the author of 'Oliver Twist'.

After his death, his paintings were hung in the museum.

That's convenient, isn't it?

I'll see Doug next week.


Mona had the gift of the gab.

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The visitor was none other than the principal.

The boy is fat.

Whom did you give it to?


For the first time a satellite was launched into orbit.

Ti doesn't often get invited to parties.

I want to go outside.

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There's no need to cry like a child.

The brightest flame burns quickest.

I made a rookie mistake.

Why do you want to switch jobs?

What time does the meeting start?

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So, do you get it?


Lar doesn't really want me to do that.

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"Buy a lottery ticket or something?" "Well, I don't think I've got much luck with gambling."


Has anyone seen them?

You may content yourself with what we have.

I belong to the rugby football club.

Malloy is an affluent man.

I'm being blackmailed.

Stanislaw is scrupulous in matters of business.

A glass of mineral water is going to quench my thirst.


We are hoping for good weather during the sports festival.

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We wanted to get out of there.


I told her myself.

I cleaned up the mess.

What do I do then?


They searched the house.

The clouds above moved fast.

For example, do you like English?

Norbert has been causing a lot of problems.

She made a good speech.

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List will answer your questions.

There's nothing for you to worry about.

I didn't date her for her brains.

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We're through.

If you don't eat your veggies, you won't get any dessert.

He did not come back before ten o'clock.

I met him the day before yesterday.

Could you take a picture of me?


Even if you go away, I'll still passionately love you.


Beatriz still loves Luis.

Maybe Kayvan saw something he shouldn't have.

Urban culture appears to be attractive to the younger generation.

Maybe we could go dancing.

I told you again and again.


I sure hope Tony arrives on time.

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Alfred is an amateur golfer.

I bought a dog for him.

You've had a good year.

We're not here to arrest you.

According to the weather report, it will snow tonight.

I've smelled this smell somewhere before.

I hope this horse doesn't kick.

The insurance was invalid to the invalid.

Mehrdad came back into the kitchen.

I believe you both know her.

A man is known by his friends.

Pull your robe together.

Orville didn't intend that to happen.

Show me how it works.

This is a small acknowledgement of your kindness.


When Harry woke up, Renu was taking her shower.


I was always the fastest.

I'm not lazy.

Shyam is buying a new house.

Kristian closed his eyes.

I'm thinking of going somewhere for a change of air, since my doctor advises me to.

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That's none of our business.


Vivek left just a moment ago.


I think the first thing you might want to do is talk to Taurus.

Why wouldn't Clark want that?

I wished I could express myself safe, clear, friendly and appropriate to the situation.


He sent me an urgent telegram.


A great number of people were killed in a moment.


Where did it all start?

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His overall was covered with paint-stains.


I've got to get back home by midnight.

I didn't realize it was you.

I heard that Takao wanted to learn French.

Margot tries to write a new blog entry every day.

Loukas didn't hear Donne enter the room.


Vern tried to do it by himself.

You have a great imagination.

I am very much surprised to hear that he got badly injured in a motorcar accident.

I just wanted to tell you about Jesper.

She needs us to show her the way.

I'm not as fond of music as you are.

She's materialistic and vain.

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If you're ready, we'll begin.


He can be proud of his father.


With this telescope, you can see stars and you can see dreams.

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Who should we give it to?

Ethan's neighbors were having a party.

I'm giving you one last chance.

Is her story true?

Bea asked me to come over and help him.

Belinda smiled and nodded.

President Bush gave an important address on TV and the radio yesterday.

What is the name of the highest mountain in that country?

Brandy can read some French, but he can't speak it at all.

You must not park the car in this street.

Save your breath.

It's going to be OK.

Hazel wouldn't want this.


Can't you also use this website sort of like Twitter?


You will never fail to be moved by beauty.


It always happens this way.

That movie was a hit.

He made an important scientific discovery.

Every year brings stranger weather to many areas of the world.

He was taught English by a non-native English teacher.

It was gracious of you to accept.

We'll be back after this short break.

Carsten glared at Tracey with hatred and disgust.

Japan's problem has been that she has continued to view international relations as an extension of her hierarchical interpersonal relations at home.

All you have to do is try your best.

He cannot swim.

Grant wore a flannel shirt.

Tell them to try harder.

You don't need to bring up the matter.

Do you want to see more?


Someday I'd like to go to England.

Is this safe to eat?

She is taller than Antony.