Suu could be diabetic.

I want to kiss her goodbye.

Wade expected me to pay for everything.

Here's a picture of my baby.

I want to go with you to the movies.

Can I pick you up?

He adapted his plan to the new situation.

Ric is starting to lose hope.

You must stop.

I'll tell him you said so.

I have a friend who knows Felix.

King has trouble judging distances.


Stacey is a caring wife and mother.

Micah claimed that the contract was invalid because he'd been coerced into signing it.

Bertrand told Avery that he was tired.


He became a brilliant scholar but only at the expense of his health.

I attached my C.V and my PhD proposals.

Knute bought everything he needed in just thirty minutes.

The mother signed to Alice to follow her.

Anthony is sitting alone in the waiting room.

The president was quoted as saying he would like to visit Japan soon.

I want to go to town.

Maybe it was an alarming situation, but in the end it was a realisitic thing to say.

They have many different dishes to try.

Where was everyone?

Many children died at an early age.


What happened then?

I don't feel at all tired.

I told you not to sing.


Dan violated his parole three times.

That will do me well.

Tait was unimpressed.


I'm not going to give up on Vladimir.

We fought for everyone.

This substance is mostly composed of hydrogen and oxygen.


"Never!" "Of course, not."

Boyce doesn't know how to tie his shoes.

I'm going to the dentist tomorrow.

I want to make sure Mehrdad is safe.

The capital of Spain is Madrid and the official language is Spanish.

My dog ran away.

I'd like you to consider joining our club.


I wouldn't jump to conclusions but it's a precaution worth taking.

The dress becomes you very well.

The original qipao was wide and loose.

He went there as his father told him.

Tomorrow I'll start building a garden tool shed.

I was very warmly dressed, so I came back to take something off.

Mrs. Wood cooks very well.

I don't believe to what he says.

The world is changing every minute.

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They don't respect her.


My instructions were clear.


I could have been killed.

Usually Malaclypse can get whatever he wants.

She was hiding a dark secret.

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He voiced his opinion in a letter to the Newsweek magazine.

Let's classify the names of the students alphabetically.

Where should I sit?

I've been out of the loop for a while. Can you bring me up to speed?

Everyone is talking about Rich.

Why don't you quit?

They don't know their neighbors.


Edmund knew Karen was falling for him when she laughed at his terrible jokes.

His spirit still haunts the manor.

I was aware of that fact.


No cannons, no oil.

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You talk fast.


I have never been to Kyushu.

Tim is really cute.

John left home in a hurry.

I'll call him tomorrow.

She pretended like it never happened.

Miriamne couldn't walk.

Novorolsky didn't give details.

"Over and done with" means "finished."

Stefan made a good suggestion.

Ahmet has already decided when he wants to leave.

I thought I was going to kill myself.

Trouble began immediately.

Dimetry put some flowers on Moe's grave.

Why did you wake me up to tell me something that big? Now, I'll never be able to concentrate on my work!

His behavior was appropriate to the occasion.


Papa, let's have a face-to-face laugh battle!

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The fact that I'm here proves that I'm innocent.

What's in your mind?

We should've stayed with them.

Does Keith really always swim by himself? Isn't that dangerous?

Srinivas may not be the only one who doesn't know Sekar.

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I can take care of Kayvan.


Olivier thinks the world would be much more convenient without marginalized people.

He showed courage in the face of danger.

The garden was full of yellow flowers.

I see your mind's made up.

So what happens then?

Japan is the best country in the world.

I don't want her to know this.

Kim's smile was very sweet.

His mother writes letters.

I'm angry at the neglect of these children.

We made camp near the lake.

Why doesn't The like to eat fish?

Which would you prefer, this one or that one?

Some of them are my friends.

I'm thinking about a chemistry problem.

Are you wondering what we ended up doing?

Several proposals have been considered.

We are in grave danger.

You should try not to scratch your insect bites.

He is from another world.

Filiberto has fled to Acapulco.

Can we believe in that?

The policemen have stopped me many times.

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I'm not upset about them.

We can't see ultraviolet light, but insects can.

I worked until seven yesterday.

Do you think you can solve these puzzles?

She asserted that she was right.

It began to rain toward evening.

Dani's apartment is way too big for just one man.

The kettle broke.

Many of us were tired.


I'm so tired that I'm going to bed as soon as I get home.


She advised him where he should stay.


What in the hell is this?

It crawls on all fours as a baby, then learns to walk on two legs, and finally needs a cane in old age.

What's the air temperature today?

Who told you about him?

Few passengers got injured in the accident.

I missed my stop. How long does it take to reach the next stop?

We abandoned the plan to go on a picnic.

I wish you would stop calling me Shai.

You're wearing my pajamas.

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You might be able to help me.

People aren't always rational.

I am going to marry that person one day.

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Don't worry about the results.

They can't comfort each other.

Rich couldn't completely rule out the possibility that Mysore had killed herself.

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Giles felt he had done his duty.

Japanese and American interests clashed on this point.

There is little time left.

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Turn right at the end of that street.

Die Lorelei is a popular German folk song.

"That's very nice of you," Willie answered.

I've brought you something.

Her income barely maintained her in the lower middle class.

Can you tell Oscar that I'll call him later?

His composition leaves nothing to be desired.


The birds are singing.

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He could no longer restrain himself.

You have to be very quiet.

Give me the big knife to cut the bread.

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While surveying the sky in microwave wavelengths, COBE has transmitted evidence which supports the Big Bang Theory of the creation of the universe.

My mother is eccentric.

Where's Rudy's father?


They couldn't find the problem.

There's no guard.

Imperialism is an ideology and practice of powerful groups trying to secure or expand their privileges via dominating other groups.


Are you saying I smell bad?

I could see you were in trouble.

He will lose his temper at the news.

I am translating.

Please tell me how to use laundry starch to starch things.

He was looking at the sky.

I'll take care of Kyung.

He corrected it.

I hear it takes time to make friends with the English people.