I took Yvonne's blood pressure.

Heinrich sent text messages to Adlai several times a day.


It's a terrible problem.


Did I mention that before?

I want people to see it.

Is it a little boy or a little girl?

Don't arrive late at the railroad station.

Please let me off at the next stop.

He hurried to the house only to find that it was empty.

I need someone who I can talk to.

Dieter thinks he can prove it.

One thing you definitely don't want to do is borrow money from Heather.


Elwood is scruffy, isn't he?

He seated himself beside her.

It's kind of you to ask.

Helge and Paula are arguing about something.

All of my friends like soccer.


I listened to the radio while I worked.

I tell stories almost every day.

These flowers aren't only beautiful, but they smell nice.

The spread of television has considerably deprived us of our time for reading.

Let's see what we're up against.


I don't know if I can do it.

There are at least thirty students in our class.

You're wrong not to trust Lynn.


The refugees in that camp have been living from hand to mouth for a month.

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Call me as soon as you get home.


Ira has a bad temper.


She has a strong liking for cooking.


It seems to me that we should go now.

I'm sorry that Hienz is sick.

Aren't you too young to smoke?


There is no one but commits errors.

What have you done for me lately?

I go to bed late at night.

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Naoto and his teacher were talking to each other.

The holidays aren't over yet.

Mason leaned forward and kissed her.


Everybody said it couldn't be done.


The police have arrested her.


He is known as a rock singer.

Jan isn't himself anymore.

I think there's hope for you yet.


She was filled with grief at the news of her sister's death.

There were only a few patches of vegetation near the river.

I'll pay you back the money I owe you next week.


We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

I can't have you talking to the customers that way.

I didn't go to school because I was sick.

You are really very good.

My parents objected to my studying abroad.

We have to move very quickly.

The Japanese yen was appreciated.

Jill says she is happy as a wife, but at times you wouldn't think so.

Everybody saw what happened.

You know everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.

I was making a cake.

What were they doing here?

This is my teacher. He is called Mr. Haddad.

The divorce felt like a liberation.

Diane dreamed of becoming a successful businessman.

I don't think you understand what this means.

We can't let them kill them.

Nobody's forcing you to stay.

You're looking down.

Jochen flopped down on the couch, exhausted after a hard day's work.

Cherish this moment.

Does that taste good?

Isabelle is going to stay with you.

Jarvis could tell that Brent didn't enjoy the concert.

He complained of the dish tasting bad.

Amos is probably not very hungry right now.

Until now the city of Bilbao has been characterized as a place of international renown.

He had left his country one year before.

I hope no one sits in front of us.


You should talk to the teacher yourself.

I'm Luke's mom.

Poor moggy.

Who is the current representative from France?

There is a small pond in back of my house.

She made it plain that she wanted to marry him.

Hui used to date my daughter.

The horse came in first.

He cannot have done such a silly thing.

Just get off the internet and do something you enjoy.

The train went through a tunnel.

Tell me why you didn't do it.

I'm learning how to write.


Everything was simpler in those days.

I don't have much money on me right now, but my card has some on it.

Try not to spend so much time complaining about things you can't change.

Nothing could be done aside from hoping.

I'd recommend that you try to take it easy.

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Manny had trouble believing that Raphael would actually want to go out with him.

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I guess both of us want to leave.


That would be so inappropriate.


Where is the assembly point?

Klaudia's truck was slightly damaged.

It's always like that.


You may as well call a cat a small tiger as call a tiger a big cat.

Does the water run out a little?

Mr Dupont doesn't want to work with me anymore.

Victoria didn't know how to express his thanks in French.

He can't remember where he lives at all.


You might want to glance at this.

He is just the man for the job.

I heard that you went to see Reid last night.

What did you do with that money?

I can live without it.

You can't compete with Hamilton.

He comes from Hangzhou.


She felt a sigh of relief when the work was done.


I'd rather not go out today.


I don't have enough money to travel.

"I think it's kinda weird," he said.

Ned gave Raman the sword.

A great light was diffused over the baseball stadium.

Lend me as much money you can.


I told them when I saw them. I also told him.

Before, only "frog" is written here.

They formed a human chain.

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It's always something with you, isn't it?

The seller weighs the cheese on the copper scales.

Why don't you grab your coat?

They launched a series of major economic programs.

If she annoys you, I'm going to ask her to leave.

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I saw you-know-who at the market today.


Victor showed Dwight how to sharpen a knife.

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Tim's uncle was a machine gunner on a helicopter in Vietnam.


Mistakes do happen.

We're not going out.

I said we'd take care of it.


I spend a lot of time listening to music.

It takes courage.

In the movie, "The Good Earth", the American actress Agnes Moorehead played the part of a Chinese woman, which would be criticized today as representing cultural appropriation.


Once upon a time, there was a man and his wife. They had no house. They were living in the fields and sleeping at the foot of a tree.

My dear, maybe you are hiding something from me!

This country is very poor.


I can't look at him.

You don't recognize me, do you?

She is extremely vulgar in her speech.

They got scared and killed him.

Thanks for sharing this.

I was scared of what people would think.

Keep me informed.

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You can't stop someone from lying to you.


I'm really sorry about what happened.

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Sanjeev smells weird.

In fact.

The cloth absorbed the ink I had spilled.

The people exulted over their good luck.

It wasn't quite that simple.


I hope you get the job.

Consult with her.

That was well worth the trouble.

Bert and Jeannie look surprised.

A big rig jackknifed on Park Street this morning; commuters are urged to use Main Street as an alternate route.

It was better in the old days.

Reid took the concert ticket Shakil offered him.