I'm sorry to say I don't get much done.

I'm Jane's neighbor.

Manolis looked after our dog while we were away.

Piete doesn't look so busy, does he?

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Shatter convinced the residents of the town to stand and fight.

Evil spirits are mean.

The facts are incompatible with your hypothesis.


Hitoshi denied the charge.

She competes in ski races.

How did Amy look?

He's a ninja.

I went to the park with Reid yesterday.

I thought you loved it.

Kathleen is the only person who could have stolen Charleen's necklace.

Christina could only tell Dawson what he knew.

The Diaoyu Islands have been Chinese territory since ancient times.


We should give that a try.


Masanao loved his sister.

I'm having some legal problems.

A Mr. Ito wants to see you.

My wife died of cancer.

Jacob doesn't know much about Boston.

That kind of behavior has nothing to do with me.

Thanks for calling, Tollefsen.

By all means stop in to see us.

I don't know how to talk to kids.

I don't know anything about geology.

What are you telling me? You're going?

All of them agreed to the proposal.

Do you know anyone who hums while they work?

Trains come more often than buses.

We have information for Grace.

I've been concerned about her.

How did you come to hear of it?


Where a genius shows up, the fools fraternize.

You should call for a doctor.

Do you suppose that we're actually in any danger?

Stacy will find her.

Do you like your new job?

I used to be Alf's girlfriend.

These books are not fit for young readers.

Jakob writes home to his parents at least once a month.

Could you write down the chord progression for this song?

I'm afraid there isn't much time.

No one showed up.

Don't let him leave.

I'm not sure I can contact him.

I should have done this years ago.

Sri breaks the rules.

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I can't protect them.

She did not come down until 8:00.

We are expecting the issue of his book.

Earle is a quiet guy.

In relation to this, I am to blame.

There was no money for rebuilding.

I appreciate your coming all the way.

Must I finish this work?

This is an unprecedented gesture.


We've been ready for a long time.

Ozan didn't forget to flush the toilet.

Mick pretended to know nothing about it.

Every day is different.

Jeannette has done good work so far.

Does anybody have anything to say?

John makes fun of his dog.

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She told him all about her adventure.

Then they fly round to the Indian Ocean and down to Antarctica.

Ann looks weaker.

This is not your knife.

Would you like some bread?

Are they all ready?

Ramesh didn't hesitate.


Several students came to the library.


I know better than to quarrel.

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She explained to me how to make a cake.

What time is your flight home?

Hartmann is repeating what he said.


Lenny is a geek.

Just wait a second.

Foreigners in general don't need as many compliments as Japanese are required to give each other, and it is good to keep this in mind.

She cherishes the memory of her husband.

My favorite food is ice cream.

What I want for Christmas is for my family to be here with me.

The front of Margie's shirt was stained with blood from a gunshot wound.

Already many buildings are now being built earthquake resistant.

I found nothing interesting in that magazine.

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I want you to promise me that.

I ran across an old friend near the bank.

Is this a trick question?

You've done the best you can do.

We had some.

There are too many bridges in this city.

What an awful lot of books you have!

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Deb had lots of fun at the party.


I don't speak Albanian.

Shahid is hiding from them.

I don't care what the consequences are.

Devon turned on the faucet.

We're attempting a rescue operation.


Hey, dude.

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Ted is good at fixing watches.

Is there anyone in here?

He quit the company on the grounds that he was ill.

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That's all, thanks.

Do you know the reason why the sky looks blue?

It runs against his character.

Go on like this!

I love free stuff.


He has little appetite for lack of exercise.

Yesterday I myself cooked dinner.

The curve extends from point A to point B.

Norman went to buy another pair of shoes.

Oh my God! You're so stupid!

Where did you get this phone?

The cat hissed at her.


That was bad.

I dislike cold weather.

I thought you'd changed.

We just want you back.

His house was sold for $10,000.


I don't find any of this interesting.


I see him on occasion.

If he had taken his doctor's advice, he might still be alive.

Who was wrong?

Price looked at himself in the mirror.

I can't believe anything Louiqa says.

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This is a big help.

We had to run the gauntlet of entrenched defenders.

It would be better if we didn't speak of Hugh.

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I have an explanation.

He's tripping balls.

I always try to drink milk at breakfast.

They insisted on my making use of this opportunity.

Tim writes left-handed.

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The new community center was inaugurated yesterday with pomp and circumstance.


I can't believe I listened to you.


Such magazines have a great influence on children.


It's six degrees below zero.

There are many animals to see there.

He is kind rather than gentle.

Who has it?

Get both a phone and internet access in a single package!


He's old enough to stand on his own feet.

A cheer went up from the audience.

I had to know more.


I'm sure this is a misunderstanding.

If you trespass on his property, he'll sic his dogs on you.

They didn't even know what to do.


I'm going to be right there, OK?

Kate was as naked as the day he was born.

Jayant looked after my dog while I was away.


I don't want to be interrupted.

This is a terrible thing.

Most fatal accidents happen at home.

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He doesn't only teach English; he also writes novels.

I left everything in my room.

Harris was watching TV in his underwear when I entered the room.

Tell them I'm coming over.

How did the movie end?

Glen inherited the family business.

I stayed over yesterday at my friend.

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I visited Darrell in Boston three years ago.

Don't ride a bicycle on sand.

I couldn't figure out how to do it.

Ric looked down at the ocean.

In Spain, it's the Three Kings that bring the children their presents.