Father comes home from work about nine in the evening.

The species will be made extinct by the end of this century.

I'm not ready to give up yet.

As is often the case with 13 to 19 year olds, she fell in love.

How much do you weigh now?

Creaking cars reach the furthest.

In my next life I want to be born as a deadly virus.

The official language in Niue is Niuean.


In case of emergency, call 119.


They must have had an accident.

Please don't say "I told you so."

Murat was wondering if Major enjoyed hiking.

Call the police.

"How did you two meet?" "It's a long story."

It's really wonderful seeing you again, Momoe.

I'm looking for a job in Boston.

She didn't have enough iron, so she couldn't give blood.

Chimpanzees have been known to maul their owners.

If you can't speak well of the dead, say nothing.

The child was crying for her mother.

Although there was once believed to be a causative relationship between syphilis and artistic genius, I would hope that the vast majority of modern artists and writers are reasonable enough to avoid becoming infected just on the off chance that neurosyphilis dementia might improve the quality of their work.

We felt at home.

It's not me you have to convince.

You need to get to bed.


Thinking about her future, she is unsettled.


It'll be very, very hot.


If I were to ask him, he would tell me the truth.

The stairs collapsed and he fell.

You can't just not pay someone for work you hired them to do.

Her silence seemed to confirm suspicions that she was hiding something.

What a miracle!

Each employee is entitled to a two week paid vacation per year.

Huashi was raised by his grandparents.

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Bret can speak French almost like a native.

Nothing happened to me.

It's foolish taking a taxi when you can easily walk to the station.


Don't make fun of old people.

We have reached a partnership agreement.

There's a lot of mess to clear up.

There's a table.

We stayed back.

You can't sit here if you're not going to play poker with us.

Roberto said he knew where Sergeant was going.

We'll see you at the pub.

I like to dye my hair.

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Dan tried to grab my shirt.

Aren't those the same clothes he was wearing yesterday?

That's an unusual request.

Shel didn't approve of that.

Without water, there's no life.

Are you sure you can trust her?

Both houses of Congress approved Jefferson's proposal.


We have recently discussed this problem.


We're still discussing it.

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I'm taking the day off.


I have nothing to add here.

I bought Dalton a laptop.

The boss praised him for a good job.

He ran so fast that they couldn't catch up with him.

Moore was killed with this knife.

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I bought this computer one year ago and it's already a dinosaur.

It's a tempting offer, but I have other plans.

Troy saw Hitoshi sitting alone on a park bench.

What kind is it?

We will pay our friends a visit.


She answered all the questions with assurance.


Is Elizabeth ready for this?

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The turkey was moist and juicy.

The Tudor Dynasty fell in the year 1603.

How do I stop them?

He is bound by his promise.

It was the night before the day fixed for his coronation, and the young King was sitting alone in his beautiful chamber.

May I use this telephone?

I will see you home.

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Vickie suddenly appeared like a knight in shining armor riding to her rescue.


They're kidding.

Don't worry, it's not the end of the world.

Ira had a grand time.


Georgina bit her lips until they bled.


We finally got rid of our old car.

I never thought I'd get that lucky.

From now on, I'll try to help you with the work.


She took my words as a joke.


Granville took his clothes off.

I'm through with him.

Ira works at home.

The Loyalists fled to Canada.

No one could solve such an abstruse problem

I saw him cry.

The student read the book the night before the exam.

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You've got three months left.

Klaudia couldn't understand Phiroze's joke.

My point of view is contrary to yours.

I say what I think.

Her bike is blue.


It's a nice day, isn't it?


I have 20 euros left.

I'll keep it.

Larry got the answer right.

I like yellow.

We heard the sound of gunshots.


Gretchen came out from where he was hiding.

Ruby on Rails is an agile development platform, which means we can respond to feedback from our customers very quickly.

She loves ice cream.

That's a big problem.

Don't make me do it.

Hillary left without shutting the door.

Ramanan noticed Marvin looking at him.


Cathy says he has no idea where Sharan lives.


I'll be counting on you.

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Margie didn't want to walk the tightrope without a net.


Experts will now pore over the fine print of the contract.


Their success is a challenge to my effort.


I have a friend who loves me.


You can only go so far.

I didn't realise.

I'm not determined enough to confess my feelings to him.

Catherine showed his photo album to me.

I must open the window.

Let not the king say so!

Almost no one believed him.


She has been dead for ten years.

I'm concerned whether or not I can handle a big job like that.

We returned the shirts because they were too small.


Saad has changed a lot.

The battalion surrendered to the enemy.

All the arrangements should be made prior to our departure.

To do him justice, he is honest.

You should look this word up.

We've only got this one.

To love is to suffer.

I can't make out these figures.

I should've done this earlier.

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They kept singing until a rescue team came.


Keep her away from us.

Would you like to go somewhere and talk?

What total nonsense!

I was scared out of my mind.

The long-range forecast says we will have a mild winter.

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Donald and Ravi spent the night talking with John and Alice.

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He will come tomorrow.


Sorry I couldn't come over yesterday. Something came up.

Just tell Piete what you need.

You have to choose. Wild sex with a stranger, or wild sex with someone who's crazy about you.


We need to reorganize it in order to strengthen our business activities.

I'd like nothing more.

Kim must've told us the truth.


Am I supposed to be scared of you?


He pleaded for me when I made a blunder.

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This is one of those times.

Never have I dreamed such a strange dream.

She's a young student.


When I found the resturant, my friends had already had supper.

Our success, after all, is due to his earnest efforts.

Betty was talking about the delicious food they had eaten on their trip.