The iron uses a lot of electricity.

Charleen might know that I was in Boston for only three days, instead of three months.

You may close the door.

I was thinking about buying a new camera.

Does it get any better than that?

Corey is interested in Belinda.


My sister has traced our family tree back to the 16th century.

Nils is really cute, isn't she?

Would you like to go mountain climbing with us?

We returned to Honolulu on April 2.

We looked out the window but saw nothing.


We're in charge.

I love you just the way you are.

Old is gold.

Oleg needs to be more like Trevor.

I have a red car.

The men went hunting for lions.

Who shot him?

How serious is the crisis?

I suggest that you go and see Erik.


She cannot be over thirty.

Milo started packing his suitcase.

He rescued the child from the fire.

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Shelley's friends died very young.

The United States is a paradise for almost every kind of sports, thanks to its wonderfully varied climate.

I've never seen Dawn in a bathing suit.

Suzan held onto Jussi.

How many characters are there in this play?


Your problem is you're not motivated.


We're introverted.

I thought Sergeant would drop in to see us.

I haven't been doing that recently.

I know how much this means to you.

She was off in her Sunday best.

It was a real pleasure.

You don't really believe all those stories, do you?


If I'd known that it would come to this, I would have never consented.

Were you jealous of her?

He used her bike without asking permission.

This is my mission.

I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Shahid has been fraudulently collecting insurance money for years.

The accusations are shocking: money laundering, tax evasion and obstruction of justice.


I found it difficult to get along with him.

Shamim got no answer from Ernst.

Put on your cap.

The room is too small to play in.

The mountains in the Himalayas are higher than those in the Andes.

I know better than to quarrel.

Gene was shocked by Cary's behavior.

Empty the water out of the bucket.

Neal wants to know what you would like to drink.


Last night, I saw something.

They kept the information about the military operations a secret.

A thousand years makes a millenium.


The fire has gone out and this room is cold.

What time is your Basque class?

Being alone sucks.

Let's not go crazy!

Older people often fear change.


He whistles all the time. It drives me crazy.


His illness is without a cure.

Can you make it before the deadline?

You are watching TV all the time.


My mother called me.

Geoffrey says he has never tried eating whale meat.

I don't know what you're interested in.

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Actually, it makes perfect sense.


An icy blast of wind cut me to the bone.

Often at midnight the Snow Queen flies through the streets of the town, and looks in at the windows, then the ice freezes on the panes into wonderful shapes, that look like flowers and castles.

Oleg noticed Malus had lost an earring.

To my regret, his was nothing but a short-lived triumph.

Sometimes, I think Lum isn't listening to me.

I don't have any comments.

You do a great job here.

They're not afraid of me.

Will you put us up for the weekend?

I'll let you know when it's time.

I just had a meeting with the new client.

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You can get up from the examination table now.

We hope Skip is OK.

You could've answered that question.

Todd got on his bicycle and rode away.

He had to leave for Tokyo on short notice.


This unexpected malfunctioning of the system was caused by improper wiring.

Guillermo shut his mouth.

Go back to the seat.

He seems like a softy on the surface, but at the core he's got an iron will that makes him an extremely tough negotiator.

This is a serious song!

I'll give you a piece of good advice.

Justin has an identical twin.

She sang a song, smiling at me.

Tears were flowing down her cheeks.


I don't want to meet Laurel.

Stephan has accepted our offer.

Her help was just what the doctor ordered.


The Prime Minister became all the more popular because he never gave way to pressure from the neighboring country.


I had a very good day yesterday.

In so far as theories of mathematics speak about reality, they are not certain, and in so far as they are certain, they do not speak about reality.

I will inform Ravindranath.

I am studying Korean.

My father is a little old-fashioned.

What sort of information do you get on the Internet?

Signing off, gonna take a shower.

If cancer is an enemy of humanity, a cancer is a friend of lobsters.

Get ready for a strong scene.

Pardon me, how do I get to Downing Street from here?

You're a very curious guy, aren't you?

How long would that take?

It looks like Blayne doesn't want to be here.


Casualties were inevitable.

I said that I would help her.

Words once said can't be taken back.

Can you let me have it for thirty dollars?

I'm sorry this took so long.

I feel like taking a day off tomorrow.

Miriamne has a soft spot for Billy.

Joon was unable to control his anger.

I haven't actually slept with him.


When did you start studying French?

His mother died four years later.

Learning French takes time.

I'm sure you have things you need to do.

Joan and Jane are sisters. The former is a pianist.

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I haven't had the chance to introduce myself to her.

The winner hasn't yet been announced.

Gideon is heading west.

Those plans look almost the same to me.

I am economically independent of my parents.

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Sofoklis is the tallest boy on our football team.

I know what to say.

The government is corrupt!


He bore an unmistakable reference to his father. It made his mother cry.


Lawrence wasn't scared of anything.

I want to beat Donna.

Matthieu was given full custody of the children.

I told her what should be done.

I heard the voice of a man, not a woman.

Repeating a lie does not make it true; it makes it a habit which is worse.

Winnie was so busy he skipped lunch.

Yes, I am married.

She thinks about his next trip.

Go and find him.

I think you've been trying to contact us.

Pandora apologized and then hung up.

The busy woman ignored the ringing telephone.

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You knew Teriann needed you, didn't you?

I like tennis the best of all sports.

I prepared breakfast for myself.

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He is my youngest brother.

I was filled with frightful sorrow for her.

Earl might be able to help me.

How was Knute killed?

We need to tell her about this.



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You should make sure your children are eating enough.

Kerri got a grip on his emotions.

Is there someone who could help me?

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It comes with soup or salad.

I bought the really quick popcorn machine as a Christmas present.

What's the name of that restaurant?

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Norma turned down the volume.

This book is the most interesting.

"Don't forget to write to me!" "Don't worry, I'll send the first lines as soon as I arrive in London."

Why didn't you tell us there was a witness?

I found it impossible to get in contact with him.

Josip actually took the time to talk to us.

He is a self-willed fellow.