You're overthinking this.


I was really depressed.


Subra was always so cheerful.

We are in need of some food.

We finally arrived at the lake.


They handcuffed him.


Try as they may, they will never succeed.


We rented a movie.


Brender needs to sell his other house.

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The bank needs a check for the exact amount.

We'll take care of this for you.

Last month they had a lot of rain in France.

Finish reading the book.

He often worried his mother.

He addressed a large audience.

We flew to Paris, where we stayed a week.

Put the old newspapers in a box and immediately put them away.

He wants to play tennis when he's older.

After reading all of his stories, Christopher Columbus became one of my favorite heroes.

You need a lawyer.

Jordan is going to buy a new computer.

No one was seen.

I could never hurt her.

This is so amazing.

I wanted to sunbathe.

Sekar's illness resulted from eating too much.


He guessed the answers with great accuracy.

Susan stopped what he was doing and looked up at Bradford.

You should stay away from him.


The river's on the other side of the hill.

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I'm not forgetting that.


I could see something was wrong.

The man left the restaurant without paying.

I'll go and buy some chocolate.

What did she want?

The old woman looked at me with surliness and mistrust.

We're looking forward to our vacation.

His influence in the committee became weaker and weaker.

The truth is very simple.

I can prove that I am right.

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A woman fell from a ship into the sea.

He'll have a dog.

This bridge is the longest bridge.


The father had a fit and yelled into the phone, "come to the house now! Now! Now!"

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I didn't want to spend any more time in jail.

A Roman coin from the third century CE is the centerpiece of his collection.

She stood looking at a boat on the river.

I know where the key is.

Smoking is not permitted in class.


He came 30 minutes late.

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That doesn't sound familiar.


I know you're responsible for this.

Prevent her from going.

He is really dull to hardship.

Don't make this harder on yourself.

The dog likes that kind of food.

She slammed on the brakes.

We cannot work too hard.

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The lecture was above me.

She was idly turning over the pages of a magazine.

Marilyn is using the Internet to learn Spanish.

They have to be stopped.

Does it hurt a lot?

I overheard Jack and Sorrel speaking French to each other just before class.

Let's do it this way.

You said give it to them.

I'll take this path.

I can type 50 words a minute.

Hit men are a popular subject for TV movies.

A world map shows all the countries.

It's easy to explain.

Why don't you fry up some of those nice sausages for our barbecue?

All the students look up to their homeroom teacher.


We came back to camp before dark.

He was crying with hunger.

Kuldip had a major accident.

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Rain or shine, I'll go.


Dieter hurt his knee when he fell down.

However, I ask you not to make the same mistakes that I did.

Alvin smiled humbly.


Please tell me the story once more.


The eagle is the queen of the winds.

Why does Urs look so grumpy today?

The long walk gave him a good appetite.

Kikki said he had things he needed to do.

I must find the answer.

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Is that even possible?

We are astonished at the shot.

Do you have a dog?


I said I needed your help.

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Though asked to remain quiet, the boy blurted out the answer to the question.

The train arrived at the right time at the train station.

The slowest one to make a promise is the most faithful one in keeping it.


Let's see if Donald can do that by himself.


His creditors are after him.


I can't thank you enough.


Mike walked up to the boy.


You can't let them suffer.

I've been sullen and untrusting, and cold.

My father takes a bath before supper.

He is at once stern and tender.

Family members should not compete against each other.


Amarth doesn't seem to understand any French.

Would you want to be a vampire if you could?

We have got two daughters and two sons.


We need to follow them.

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Is my sentence in Esperanto correct?

The potato ricer, similar to the garlic press, is essential to making lefse.

There's more to it than that.

I think this is a big mistake.

The conversation at table is lively and interesting.


Maybe you should just fire them.

There's the rub.

We lost Nicolette.

It's not a beauty contest.

I want to live my life without stress and worries. I don't need to be rich or famous, I just want to be happy.


Tell her you're not ready.

You say he is a workaholic, but you know there are some people who feel happiest when they're working.

This task is too much for him.

How high is Mont Blanc?

Moran does it very well.

As long as you have someone you love from the heart, you have a motivating force and you can face the entire world.

I never feed my dog raw meat.


Maybe Stanly is telling the truth.

As soon as I'm back in Shanghai, I'll cook up a delicious meal of rice noodles with crab.

We don't hate Pantelis anymore.

Dinosaur eggs? Impossible. These animals are already extinct.

Does that mean you're ready now?

I wish there was more variety in my work.

He thinks that I don't know what he did.

Why would I want to have anything to do with this?

It makes perfect sense.

The gang knocked him down and robbed him of his watch.

It sure scared me.


I'm a professional photographer.

Bring me a glass of tea with lemon.

That should do it.

Please pay attention.

This magic crystal will help eliminate negative vibrations.

The hunters got up before dawn.

Geoffrey told Walt that he had been out shopping.


I feel thirsty.

How could we have been so stupid?

Please attach a certificate of quality.

We should get ready for work.

Cindie always comments on my clothes.

What did Lenny offer you?

They worked on the message for three days.

I think they're honest people.

I have a bad pain in my back.

The high salary disposed him to accept the position.

An earthquake, 8.9 on the Richter scale, hits Japan and causes a massive tsunami.

Douglas wouldn't do that to me.

You always were good at your job.

Pilar must be made to talk.

Billie, don't worry. I'm alright.

The picture of beauty beyond description.

Sometimes we lie so that we don't hurt the feelings of others.

They're playing a game.

Is the cat on the chair or under the chair?