Every day, it's getting hotter and hotter.

The party went on walking to the next village.

It seems I was wrong about her.

The Prime Minister said that he didn't want to pre-empt the findings of the inquiry by making any policy changes before its recommendations were handed down.

Which one do you take?

It was a profession of his own choosing.

Syed was arrested in Boston yesterday afternoon.

Benson and Gretchen have a teenage daughter.


Jim speaks faster than I do.

I've met Cindy several times.

He came back home a while ago.


It's a difficult job.

We helped each other.

She turned over the page with excitement.


He needs to redo his CV.

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You will derive much pleasure from reading.

Yeah, we already know you're a big guy!

Let's hit the showers.


The bus stops before my house.

I will give him trouble.

The house has a southern aspect.


He put the book on the shelf.


I know exactly how to do it.


Nou is smart and funny.

I'm not a teacher anymore.

You should be true to your friends.

Almost all of the passenger in the bus were asleep when the accident happened.

Many of us were tired.

I'm more than grateful to you for your help.

In this activity one immediately sees the result.

Several roads are closed.

You have a very welcoming smile.

How many kilometers is it from here to the train station?

I don't think you want to know the answer.


It is too dark for me to read.

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That surprised him.


Appetite comes with eating, the thirst goes away with drinking.

The fan asked for his autograph.

Suzan realized he was in trouble.

I wanted to go outside and get a breath of fresh air.

If it's too good to be true, it's probably not true.


These rumors are probably true.

Brendan swore to keep it a secret.

Is Barry awake?

I think she's from Austria.

Hirofumi justified his conduct by saying he was very upset.

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Linda was grinning from ear to ear.

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What does it involve?


He followed in her wake.

My life isn't worth living.

Turn around for a second, will you?

That soil is rich in humus.

I met her by chance.

Marci knows more about the world of his favorite video game than about the real world.

The eggs were graded according to weight and size.

Joni offered Srikanth money.

We prefer to do our own work.

Should I bring them with me?

I think Peter is going to be all right.

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He has a girlfriend but he's flirting with me.

Vickie plays basketball well.

Mara didn't seem to mind that Martha was late.


This isn't music.

The viability of the project needs to be studied.

Santa will go there tomorrow.

I believe that Straka is not guilty.

What are you working for?

The Japanese eat three times a day.

Nothing was to be seen but the blue sky.

Who was sent to save the princess?

Susumu made an angel in the snow.

We do not want to discard the article but reshape it.

I wasn't usually home when the lawn was cut, so all I ever saw were the results.

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Harvey tied the rope around his waist.

There are tulips in front of the steel building.

What goes around comes around.

What's the problem now?

He pretended to be asleep.

I think you've lost your mind.

I do my job well.

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For some reason, I don't cope well with those recognized as hardliners.

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Not only my parents but also my sister is against my opinion.

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Since Jenny had studied Japanese, she had no trouble in Japan.


Maybe you should go home.

Warren wasn't aware that Saul was hoping he'd kiss her.

The download speed is twice as fast as the upload speed on this network.

Everybody had a hard time.

We need your assistance.


We just don't think it's cool.

Many people are experiencing compassion fatigue because of the constant tragedies being reported in the news.

Was he Pierette?

When you are hungry, anything tastes good.

That little boy likes to throw rocks on the neighbor's roof.


I want to talk to the doctor.

Could you please calm down?

There used to be a coffee shop near the school.

Earnie took a bottle of pills out of his pocket.

I had a couple of questions, but I didn't ask them.

Anatoly is the country's foremost expert on the conflict in Syria.

I am going to ascertain the truth of the matter.

Every year, I try to celebrate Halloween many days, or even weeks, before the actual day.

We haven't found gold in the brook either.

The boy entered by the back door.

You can stay as long as you want.

I don't remember.

Cherish the human in yourself.

I'm studying several languages.

He was forced to work.

Where did you get that orange scarf?

Is Carsten delirious?

That seems fair enough.

If you don't have anything to say, say nothing.

Is there anything you want to know?

Jane told Kee the whole story.

Why did you tell Sjaak Woody was ugly?

I spent the whole day cleaning up the room.


Norm watched the 6 o'clock news.

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Don't mumble your words. You are too old for that.

I went on sleeping because the alarm didn't go off.

You are still the same ignorant I met once in the park.


Why can't you stay with her?

This is our first Christmas here in Boston.

Tatoeba is culture.

We'd like to know about it.

At seventy, he is still active.

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Did he show you the picture?

Jay is a very strong-willed woman.

The widow was dressed in black.

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I am not alone in thinking so.


We talked about boys.


Caroline became her brother's housekeeper.

She went to Takasu clinic.

Are you sure Phil knows what he's doing?

It's a little creepy in here.

My muscles have gotten soft.


Tourists often bought souvenirs in this shop.

Lucifer baked bread.

Stop protecting me.

Nobody knows when the earthquake will occur.

My desktop was set with a photo of some mountains by default.

She is a serious person.

It seems that your dog has taken quite a liking to Betty.

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When did you go to sleep?

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I hope you're insured.


Are these bags yours?

He began to talk to the dog.

It's my lucky number.

Lenora vehemently denied the accusations.

How're you all doing today?

Do you have a similar proverb in French?

I know the whole of the story.


I've never seen you laugh before.


We've been over this.

What were her final words?

We detected a great fault in the system.

I have not touched my wife in twenty-one years.

He started singing.

This was faulty information.

The master plan includes programs to provide employment as well as recreation.

The things that I bought haven't been delivered to me yet.

I feed meat to my dog.


There are some unclear points in his account.