Parents shouldn't let children be cruel to animals.

The answer to this question is wrong.

Have you heard anything about her recently?

You have made only a few spelling mistakes.

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I agree with everything you just said.

Are you enjoying it?

It's really classy.

I was cleaning my room.

The man made to grab at me.

Has the flat got a garden?

The garage was empty.

The new plan may bring into being a peace which will be lasting.

Didn't you visit the park?


She looked as though she had seen me somewhere before.


That's what we saw.


My language is very complicated.

He is hated by everyone.

Christina bought something for Hitoshi.


What's that got to do with you?

I took the word, because I could no longer hold my silence.

I plan to buy him a pen.

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You never can tell what will happen in the future.

I'm here to ask for your help.

You're shy, aren't you?


Pamela built a ship inside a bottle.

I think that's rat poison.

We've been doing that for years.

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In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is.

Because of the shock, she gave birth too soon.

I invited him to the party.

The job offer still stands.

They embraced tightly.

I'd like to see him now.

Nate went grocery shopping on an empty stomach and bought much more than he had intended.

She denied having met him.

Wilson clearly had the best chance to win.

Jacob, I still love you very much.

She takes into consideration the mixed relationships.

We admitted that we were wrong.

Soon after, it began to rain.

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History develops through the replacement of the old by the new.

I could feel the sand between my toes.

Jim knows better.

I am going to spend this weekend in Hawaii.

I can teach you how to drive.

It was a nice party.

Marsh is wearing a wig.

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She substituted margarine for butter.

I worked in Boston.

Let's meet at 6:30.

I don't want to go near her.

He gone, Vinod remained thus alone in this sentence.

Fruit and vegetables should make up over a third of the food we eat each day.

There are two chests of drawers in this bedroom.

She greeted me with "Good morning."

I got here a little early.


There is a hole in your sock.


This is what you're supposed to do.


I really liked what you said earlier.

She went crazy with fear.

I can't give this dictionary to anyone.

Bob entered the house through a window.

She's by no means lacking in consideration. She's just shy.


Life never ends but earthly life does.

Please take your time before deciding what to do.

I don't understand this sentence.

Arnold is interested in ancient Egyptian history.

Stay with Eliot in this room.


When we are praised, we gain confidence.

I don't think you really believe that.

The boy will have his own way.

Please begin immediately.

The large firms in the industry call all the shots.

I didn't want anyone to know why I went there.

This is all the air that is available to us.

Heidi thinks he has found Atlantis.

I think Andrea is adaptable.

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You can't miss seeing this wonderful film.

It never stopped raining the entire day.

All in all, the international conference was a success.

It is now in the best condition.

If you want to get a hold on your spending you should start by cutting up all your credit cards.

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Honzo was touched by an angel.

Ro dreamed of becoming a successful businessman.

Ethan had never before seen Al with her hair down.


A quarrel brought about the break.

Did you tell her?

Jared is in great danger.

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Korean food is generally very spicy.


The weather is good.

It's very early.

Before doing so, you must ask your mother for permission.

I just talked with him.

Find how they lived, and you'll find how they died.


That's a bankrupt idea, as the history of modern politics readily shows.

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Iran's and North Korea nuclear capabilities worry the rest of the world.


I asked for a seat in the smoking section.

This is by far the best thing we've done so far.

We're going to flip it.


Give me that weapon.


I was made to drink by him.


Is this everything?

You shouldn't call people liars.

I wish she would say something to me, so that I can know whether we're still friends.

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He's collecting various data.

Jennie stood near Antonella.

Over the past ten years, people have become increasingly aware that they need to change their eating habits.

She told the dog to stay.

Ernie is still at the house.

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Looks like her mom.

I've already told Jose.

He was tempted to retort, but thought better of it.

I think it's kind of stupid.

When I visited their apartment, the couple was right in the middle of an argument.

It is dangerous to cross the street here.

I'm going to tell you something I've never ever told anyone.


It's a good thing Heidi isn't here today.

The conference will commence in due course.

Jim will accept your proposal.

Muppets will be muppets.

I just can't take it.

The moon is waning.

It was very delicious.


May I speak with you?

He often dropped in on me.

He attached a "Fragile" label to the package.

All the class waited for the new teacher.

If you put your mind into your foot, it becomes the foot.

She set the tray down on the table.

Ask her when she comes back.

Christophe and Niels are not on the same team.

He has a lot of friends here.

Before coming to Berlin, I had very little interest in German history.

"You mustn't be late, OK?" "But if the teacher's late too it doesn't count, right?"

Are you watching me?

Whether you like her or not, you can't marry her.


You have to stay hydrated.

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How come you are here?


Trust your instincts.

Drive carefully! The roads are treacherous.

It's not a real choice.

Saumya should recognize this.

Mrs Tanaka's characteristic curly hair was sticking up behind her ear.

Betsy didn't feel much like smiling.

Glenn told me that he wanted to go to Boston.

He is very fond of playing the guitar.

Sid's hobbies are gardening, sailing, carpentry and cycling.

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He arrested me.

What're you doing about this?

When will Anna go to Boston?

Polly needs some love.

I'm used to staying up late.


The professor encouraged me in my studies.

I didn't see Ro again.

Where exactly is your house?

I feel a pain in my back.

We're glad you're all right.

Have you mastered English, or is it English that has mastered you?

It's necessary to make a distinction between the two sounds.

Did Barry say anything to you about that?

They all went to bed.


I learned how to use a hammer from my dad.

This park is famous for its roses.

Farouk is a remarkable person.