Do we have to have our cat spayed?

Courtney is out to lunch.


To our surprise, Emi won the 400-meter race with ease.

Joubert gave Wilson some chocolate.

Set me free!

Pip was seventeen and John was sixteen, but they were both still at school.

I also stopped sleeping.

She cut the cake into six pieces and gave one to each of the children.

Huey is willing to do whatever it takes.

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Leon must be sick.

The meeting will start at four o'clock sharp.

Pierette threw the Bible in the fire.

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I think it's time for me to call a doctor.

He is quick to take offence.

Marguerite was a late bloomer.


The aurora is a phenomenon characteristic of the polar regions.

"Let me know if you change your mind." "Will do."

How can you be so heartless?

Come on, you can have a swim in my pool.

I'm sure we can reach some kind of compromise.

Show me what you got!

What may I eat?

How's the blue plate?

Suwandi said he wanted to be your friend.

He is capable of deceiving others to get what he wants.

Keep up the good work!


You're asking me to do something I don't want to do.

What he said is false.

And thus the lion fell in love with the ewe.


Would you send, by real mail, some brochures that will help me to choose a hotel?

I heard you might be in trouble.

You'll have stomach cramps if you keep on eating nothing but ice cream like that.


Take two aspirin tablets.

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I'm lusting after her.


The commission took no action.


I can't believe you would say something like that!


Marci is going to make a complaint.


I don't want your opinion.

Did the trip live up to your expectations?

He has worked in France his whole life.

Now go to sleep.

Are you still working for them?

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My father is free on Saturday.

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Mat believed it.


What's happened to the light?

I know why you're here.

He refused to take the bribe.

Everybody groans.

Shane couldn't find work.

I came to talk about him.

Childhood is a stage of life in which people adopt a large proportion of their eating habits.

Today's a bit warmer than usual, isn't it?

You can add sentences that you can't translate yourself. Maybe someone else can translate them!


We must stop Jorge from doing that.

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I know what you're thinking.

Erwin gave Clayton a ride back to town.

That's impossible.

You can't make something from nothing.

Why doesn't Juergen like Boston?

Is she asleep?

I thought you might want to play a game of chess.

A higher minimum wage can raise earnings and reduce poverty.

As a last precaution, I put a flashlight into my pack.


I want you back by my side, Old.

Matsushita commands respect from its competitors.

It would be foolish to choose otherwise.

Don't tell me if you don't want to.

An astronaut's salary is based on the civil service pay scale. Astronauts are ranked between a GS12, which earns $65,140 a year, and a GS13 that earns $100,701 a year.


You don't think I'm right, do you?


This hall holds two thousand people.

It is plain that you have done this before.

I couldn't hear Lynne.

I just want to help you relax.

I'm not perfect.

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You've gone too far.

He was the kind of kid who was always showing off to his classmates.

He often eats breakfast here.


Be careful. Your coat's dragging.

Who was the telephone invented by?

Could you describe to the jury what happened?

This is the sunset from the ferry.

That she behaves this way is odd.

Saul hates climbing ladders.

This is better.

I could not do this with an easy conscience.

That's the book I bought yesterday.

It's a once in a lifetime experience.

They don't interest me.

Some died, others were wounded.

Only the word "dumb" can be a perfect synonym to the word "racist."

I wonder what she means by those words.

According to the TV, it will rain tomorrow.

Night coming on, people began to get home.

I took my umbrella lest it rain.


I had to book a flight for him.


I'm going to have some fun.


Quite well, thank you.

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Where would you like to go?


It is possible that he may know the fact.

Knudsen wouldn't tell me why he wasn't here yesterday.

I have three times more books than he has.

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He slipped into the bad habit again.

I heard something crashing in the kitchen in the middle of the night.

He was disqualified after a false start.

What's your favorite breakfast food?

I heard them.

He's coming to my country.

Our resident squirrel eats all our camellias.


The bakery is on Pino Street.

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We've run out of food.


There were no slaves in the West.


She seems happy.

Things got messy.

You were working yesterday afternoon, weren't you?

I'm not ashamed of my father being poor.

I'll drive you to the airport.

Listen, I'm here to deliver a very important message to you all, so pay particular attention to what I am going to say next.

I am not one (was not born) to join in hatred, but in love.

Petr is helping his wife.

Hohn walked out on Charley.

We're both fine.

Inge was a sinful girl, who did not value the gifts of God, but trampled them under her feet.

Have you tried it yet?

"Eureka!", shouted Vince suddenly.

We said "Thanks for the meal" to the cook.

I have a small gift for you.

Dean tried to open the door, but it wouldn't budge.

I won't have to do it again.

I understand that life without love is impossible for me.

Circumstances have changed.


Krzysztof didn't ask for an apology.

Australian soprano Joan Sutherland was dubbed "La Stupenda" after a performance in Venice in 1960 and the label stuck for the rest of her career.

Mike didn't cry that much.

How did he take the news?

Hold it like this.

My sister told her to leave me alone.

Some sentences don't make sense. So what?

Please keep in mind that I'm not just a faceless entity behind a screen! I'm a person too no matter the mode I communicate from.

I don't have a prejudice against foreign workers.

I want Sonny to read this.

There's a chance Juliet will be there.

Take care not to strain your eyes.

I'm not sure why I even have a Facebook.


I realize you're anxious to finalize the details.


Suzanne almost always ignores my advice.

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He's well respected for his management skills.

It's too overwhelming.

I don't know where that is.

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As it is the wedding of my younger brother I have no other choice but to attend it.

I don't hate anything.

I was handed a note when I entered the gate.


"Hey, Zelda! What's up? "Nothing, Link." "You sure? I think you wanna kiss, huh?" "I think not."

I'm a teacher, not a student.

You mustn't miss seeing this wonderful film.

Please wait in the hall.

That was an eagle owl.

His success took a load off my mind.

I should've never done that.


The sun reigns in the center of all.

I guess everybody thinks that I'm in love with Catherine.

Is your bitch on heat?