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I'm kind of into that.

I need to see you.

We're really proud of Randolph.

They stop doing their homework.

He has an ax to grind.

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I get emotional.

He works all night.

You told me not to do that.

Do you have any alternatives to the plan?

We can't get a break.

If there existed a market for sentences, our grammatical speculations would suddenly make sense.

I wasn't a bit affected by the news of his death.


She's never in a hurry.

Jeany put a dish with cheese and crackers on the table.

I could only feel pity for what they were enduring.

Don't feel sorry for Micah.

The athletic meet took place on October 15.

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The backwardness of that country is well known.


There's no reason to get upset.

Chet's wasted.

You're not as clever as you think.

Kate has a fair complexion, unlike the others in her family.

Bob writes to me once a month.


I have to sell all today.

This is the best-tasting cheese I've ever eaten.

Swimming is good for one's health.


I might be willing to do it.


Manolis once worked as a tourist guide.

Do you prefer tea or coffee?

I made a good shot at the exam.


Murthy couldn't answer any of my questions.

I might do something with Dimitry tomorrow afternoon.

Ira is going to make it.


I think we could be great friends.


Allen got drunk with his friends.

I will respond to both of your letters.

It doesn't go with the room at all, but I got it for free so it's all good!

Lui and I barely know each other.

Do you want me to make you waffles?

I'm watching figure skating.

The game begins at 2:30.

I hope you found something in the end.

Hans had somehow indefinably altered.

I'm going back to Boston.

Small pots have long handles.

How did you get those bruises on your face?

Smokers are far more likely to develop lung cancer than non-smokers are.


You should've taken the money.

Eddie isn't as tough as everyone says he is.

The rise and fall of prices caused a financial crisis.

I didn't do anything to deserve this.

He told me that if he were I, he would not do so.


I don't want any advertising on my website.

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Her teeth were white.

I hope that I can do it.

I'm going to hit the shower.

I can't tell you how creepy this makes me feel.

I hope we'll be home for Christmas.

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This jacket isn't expensive, it's very cheap.


They've lost all credibility.

You can't park here, because there is a sign.

We're ready to go now.


They accused President Johnson of being too soft.

Do you speak Italian? - Not yet, that's my first lesson!

Art is made fun of by art.


He made mistake after mistake.

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I'll do everything for you, so you have only to wait here.

I'm going to stop Pandora.

The danger is over.

If I were more creative, I'd draw "the foreign".

This airplane accommodates 400 passengers quite comfortably.

Kevyn tried to sucker punch John.

He is taking care of his old Mom.

I'm nervous now.

She advised him to walk instead of taking a bus.

I'm not one of those men who hates women.

Just tell Kirsten to hurry up and do something.

They didn't budge.

Put on your glasses.

Would you like to make more money?

You should give Bea flowers.

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I've eaten.

Money, as such, has no meaning.

She tried hard and she failed.

There'll be standing room only.

I'm going to travel to Russia tomorrow.

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We were supposed to be here three hours ago.

I want you to help me die.

I plead not guilty.

I'd like to say goodbye.

Lie on the couch.

Never compare your wife to another woman.

I want to emigrate to Australia.

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Would you tell them I'm ready?

In the heat of the argument, Linley struck John.

Just relax.

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It smells bad in here.

I just think it's the right thing to do.

How come you speak French so well?

They won't make it.

It's the land of my ancestors that you're trampling with your feet!

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It was a fabulous night.

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She certainly did take advantage of the lifestyle my success afforded her.

I haven't met him before.

No one noticed that Jayant wasn't there.

I left Andries a couple messages.

I like the Kurdish language.


She should help her mother.

Why do you like squirrels so much?

Don't do that ever again.

I often talk to him on the bus.

There go the twelve bars blues.


Hunter had open-heart surgery in 2013.

Francisco is a great warrior.

She was late as a result of the heavy snow.

Could you drop this package off at Geoff's on your way home?

A guest at an inopportune time is a heavy burden.

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Could you use my help?

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Christie tried to prevent Damone from going to the police.

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Vicki loves this.


No one answered my question.


If we place an order for more than 20 units, would you reduce the price?


I like swimming and playing football.

I'm not supposed to tell Spass about what we did.

Aren't you too a little bit romantic, Lou?


That trio has already put out five albums.

Have you ever been to the end of the world?

Change into your suit.


He lives here.

It's still too early to go to sleep.

We will be having some guests tonight.

These books will make your work easier.

The workers are hired not by the company itself, but by a temp agency, so they have no rights and get lower pay.


When are we going to tell Stephan?

Your story reminded me of my younger days.

How many times do I have to tell you to clean your room?

There's nothing we can't accomplish.

I would like to go and have a drink.

I'm not a big letter writer.

I just want you to know that Lloyd is safe.

The calm surface reflected her features like a mirror.

She bought him some candy.


He cannot afford to buy a car.


Elsa eats too fast.

George has a fast car.

Do you want to live like slaves?

Is it necessary to live in a French-speaking country to become fluent in French?

When I tried to explain my reasons he simply became even angrier.


My boyfriend lives in Japan. I live in Germany. Does our relationship have a future?

Wes wore a Hawaiian shirt.

I'll do what I have to.

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Is that so strange?

Martin often eats in bed.

I would hate to become just a housewife.

He is a psycho.

A sure friend is seen in an unsure matter.

Andrew seems to be in a fairly bad mood now.

You're not leaving, are you?

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He was told to remain standing all the way to go there.