When you returned, I had already left.

Is it true that you baked a pizza today?

We are working hard on the field today.


He will regret his own words.

He arched his eyebrows in surprise.

Let's not talk about school.


He made a vivid impression.

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I was really happy with it.

I haven't worked since then.

The pump didn't work properly.

I am very sensitive to heat.

I spent Saturday afternoon watching entirely too much TV.

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Give it a rest.

The morning rush is at its peak now.

He chose three beautiful roses for her.

Casey and Jeffrey aren't really getting married, are they?

We cut our living costs.

The police didn't find anyone's traces.

All lawyers are liars.

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She is well known both in Japan and in America.

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Thanks for the safety tip.

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Stop agreeing with everything I say!


I have absolutely no intention of telling Carter what you've just asked me to tell him.


Get off your butt and do something!

She denied having met him.

Sabrina and Cecilia have been arrested.

That's a wise choice.

I'll treat you like an adult when you start acting like one.


They had better cut down their living expenses.

Butler didn't say a word to me.

Lance is first in line.

Nobody saw Sonny steal the book.

This church is a very famous and beautiful place.

Butler's very good at mental arithmetic.

Vick knew Bernard understood.


They wanted a wedding picture in front of the Eiffel Tower.

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Now what we need is a plan.

I thought a game of tennis might be fun.

Magnus has already been questioned by the police.


In this city, there are thousands who live eight or ten to a room.

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I want you to take these.

Mongo doesn't understand what you want him to do.

I walked out of the movie.

Tovah was with Raman all afternoon.

Bryan took Tai dancing.

What are you doing to me?

I'll have to take her with me.

Shiva Nazi doesn't have any photos yet.

She married a firefighter.

Don't talk about work, we're on vacation.

Don't your neighbors ever complain?

Do you know where the police took Clay?

In fact, Saqib told me never to come back to his house again.


Socorrito left about thirty minutes ago.

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Chili powder is greatly used in Indian cooking.

Is Carisa awake?

You never told me a single thing about this.

Call us this evening.

Joachim said that he didn't mean to be rude.

I can't face the truth.

The profit will amount to three million dollars.

He bent over to see insects in the flowerbed.

The only reason I got blamed was that the boss needed someone to blame.

Do you sell alarm clocks?

Competition for the position is very intense.


The assistant coaches are Meehan and John.

I was looking for Andy. Do you know where he is?

I'll do it only if you tell me the truth.

The governor decided to provide assistance for the victims.

It's difficult to understand why you want to go.

His heart filled with sorrow.

He was confused by something, as though he wasn't used to this kind of restaurant, but I stayed clear of him by pretending that I, too, wasn't used to the restaurant.

Johnnie and I aren't enemies, but we're not friends, either.

In the beginning God created the heauen and the earth.

Whether we were tired or not, we had to walk on.

It wasn't like Dan to be so late.

It doesn't bother me.

We need to ask you a few questions.

Let's get this job done.

Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.

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I greet you.

And he saith unto them, Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? Then he arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm.

Can you open the door from your side?

Here's my membership card.

It seems to me that Mr Jones is good golfer.

Whenever I'm sad, I stop being sad and start being awesome instead.

Darci sketched a picture of an elephant for David.

We stared at each other for quite a while.

I've been here three months, and so far I've enjoyed it.

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True and good friendship must not be suspicious of anything.


I must find Steve.

Nichael told us a sad story.

He convinced me that I was in the wrong.

I write letters that I never send.

We have had such a successful promotion effort that even that much would suffice us.

I don't want anyone smoking in the meeting room.

I want to know if you know who killed him.

Markku made his pile as a caterer for the well-to-do.

They're going to find him.

Indonesia had many Japanese holdout soldiers.

I met Kimmo at a dinner party.


I have been studying German for two years.

They had me blindfolded.

We've got enough.

She cooks for him every day, but he doesn't appreciate it.

A beard doesn't make a philosopher.

Amy didn't have to stay if he didn't want to.

Dawson waited patiently for three hours.

I used to live in a village.

Mann isn't going to call June.


I have heartburn.


There was a cat on the table.

Does he need to go right away?

Would you like to see your wife lose a little weight?


The average life of a dog is ten years.


What does Plastic get in return for all the work he's done?

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I've got responsibilities.

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It's a big world.

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We deal with this kind of thing all the time.

I'd like you to postpone your trip.

He is raising tropical fishes.


That would be possible.

This book isn't just interesting, it's also useful.

Those who want to use the bathroom should do so now.

It was a very romantic kiss.

These pills act on the liver.

You know just as much as I do.

All in favor of this proposition will please say Aye.

She's been severely traumatized by bullying at school.

We'll begin immediately.

I need to know why you're here.

Thank you, I'm just looking.

They arrested him.

We've been trying to track you down.

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I wouldn't do that to anybody.

She needed you.

His dog is his good companion.


That woman must be his wife.


Timothy didn't speak to me.

India was Hindu, then it became Buddhist, then it became Hindu again, as Hinduism reabsorbed Buddhism.

Chinese food is no less delicious than French.


The crops are up to the average.

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Don't ask any more questions.

When investigating the pH (acidic, neutral, alkaline) of a liquid, don't soak the litmus paper completely in the liquid but just put the end of the paper in it.

Dan introduced Linda to Matt and Rita.

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They set fire to their neighbour's house in revenge.

It is a pity that you can't join us.

Did you intend to kill them?

I'd like to know exactly how much money is in my account.

Just tell Bradley not to worry.

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Pouring bubbly-water into the glass with ice in it made a cold fizzing sound.

Keith has many enemies.

That can happen.

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But fun is not enough.

That law isn't enforced.

This book isn't as easy as that one.

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He sat on a small rock and looked out to sea.

I went to the store near by.

That's not the goal.


Eugene opened the gate for Donna.