Marketing is a game where the simple beats the complex

UDS Game is a comprehensive solution for business utilizing the latest mobile app technology along with special tools for business process optimization.

The UDS Game mobile app is a new and innovative method of both attracting and retaining customers.

The CRM and Game Admin mobile apps provide entrepreneurs with vital information about the business processes of the company and optimize the service and communication chains with customers.

Solution for your business

Unique UDS Game software provides with a wide range of in-app features for interaction with customers.

  • Personalized loyalty system

  • Effective referral system

  • Realtime analytics

  • Full menu of goods and services

Let your customers develop your brand

UDS Game opens an App based Feedback Channel with customers that promotes 2-way exchange of vital information about your brand.

Discount cards are a thing of the past

Discount cards are a thing of the past

Loyalty points are tracked and stored right on customers mobile devices.


New Special Offer? Create it in the app and inform your customers via push-notifications.


Dedicated In-app Customer Feedback channel allows customers to communicate directly to you and fairly rate the service right after the payment so you can correct miner mistakes privately before they become major disasters publicly.

Powerful analytical tools for Business Process Optimization

Online control of business processes

Mobile app for Administrator provides with full functionality to manage payments, customer data and allows to get feedback and respond quickly directly from the mobile device.