We're all praying for Mario's recovery.

Lar is in a meeting.

Why couldn't you just ask someone for directions?

Ravindran wants to see us again.

He went to Africa in 1960 never to return.

Judy is a star performer.

I bore this trial.

Is there a supermarket nearby?


Somebody must break the sad news to her mother.



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Why isn't Trent happy?


The Bible has it written like this.

I took a painkiller for my headache.

Nancy smiled happily.

As for me, I don't trust him at all.

Jesus lost consciousness.


I just knew you would say that.

They won't help us.

Many politicians don't keep their promises.


Benjamin didn't say why he was late.

The object flew away to the south, giving out flashes of light.

The thief was bound hand and foot.

In one respect, I agree with you.

The floor is cold.

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Personal life of Larry Ewing was shared in a website.

No one had the heart to say he was wrong.

He used to be a gentleman.


Would you stop staring at me?

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I was late because of the heavy traffic.

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Obscenity is whatever happens to shock some elderly and ignorant magistrate.

They rushed to the scene of the traffic accident.

Justin exchanged greetings by giving his business card.

School's out.

I know all I need to know.

If I were young, I would go abroad.

He found what he was looking for.

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Austria isn't Australia.

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I'd be more scared of the woman in the bath!

"A is equivalent to B" has the same meaning as "A is true if and only if B is true".

The watch battery was dead.


Will is a very sweet guy.

I can't dispense with coffee at breakfast.

You should report this to the police.


We guarantee the cheapest price for a French language school in Quebec, Canada.


The party was such a great success.


Could you come up here, please?


What's your manager's name?

The boy threw a stone at the dog.

This is not my first time adding a sentence.

Cathrin liked Nanda's picture on Instagram.

My father doesn't let me go out with Bill.

She went into teaching.

The sun having set, they were still dancing.


My father gave me as much as 100 dollars.


In Singapore, a way to punish criminals is to whip them.

Pablo is 36 weeks pregnant.

I want to go to another country.


The traffic accident took place on the highway.


Juri will speak for me.


He was a great statesman and was elected president.

Heinz didn't want to go to school.

You did a bad job.

I have seen the film before.

Don't be a stubborn fool.

Mac asked us to be quiet.

What we need is leverage.


I didn't recognize what it was.

Do you want to hear what that person said about you?

Laurent wore a Christmas sweater with embroidered reindeer.


Why haven't you gone to sleep yet? You should go to sleep sooner.


As the grotesque parade passed by, everyone came out of their homes, hypnotized.

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I'll eat lunch when I get home.

He is an Italian.

Are you really going to let Duke cook dinner tonight?

I won't leave without you.

I go to the dentist every second day.

I'd like to eat cheesecake to my heart's content at The Cheesecake Factory.

It didn't get that bad.

The boss could not approve of what one of his men did.

Marsh should ask for a refund.

Dr. Zamenhof believed that a language belongs to the people who speak it which is why he never copyrighted Esperanto.

It doesn't matter whether the cat is white or black; the important thing is that it can catch mice.


On the open ice a bear may lie on its stomach.

What will you do when you grow up?

Siping made an appointment to meet Lin the following day.

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Chet was trying to kill me.

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Did I ever tell you that you were my hero when I was a kid?


Kerry is a really bad roommate.

Every night, she stays up until her husband returns home.

I now live in Boston in the US, but I plan to go back to Japan before the end of the year.

We've got a long day tomorrow.

I asked Hillel to help me get out of trouble.

My friend bought a yellow car.

I've never ridden a horse before.

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Please don't leave me with Kristin.


It has been twenty years since I saw you last.

You can use a dreamcatcher to catch your nightmares.

I was looking to kill time.

Saad asked me to ask you.

You're the most fantastic person of my life.


We found the stolen bag in this bush.

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There are two points in question.

That student knows some English.

There have been a lot of complaints from students about the amount of homework that Mr. Jackson gives.

Please send an empty email message to info@example.com.

They really know how to throw a party!

We sat at the back of the hall.

Let's sing the song that Eugene wrote.

This makes me mad.

Someone is definitely lying.

Car exhaust causes serious pollution in towns.

Tell me again what time you expect me to be there.

Do the computers work?

How are you, buddy?

One American was killed in the fight.

No, you don't.

I'll keep it for you.

She was not impressed.

In the second place, if we do not go, someone else will read the inscription on the stone and find happiness, and we shall have lost it all.

China's growth rate is the fastest in human history.

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Nathaniel bleached his hair yesterday.


I think they're happy.

He's not really your father. Heh-heh.

What do you have to do with the matter?

There are 30 people in the bus.

Toufic never once hit me.


Lavender is my favorite plant.

Do you know what you're saying, Ritchey?

I consider her an honest woman.

Not all of the books are instructive.

Much of London was destroyed in the seventeenth century.

I had V.D.

He is heroic.

Bring Sir back. I need her.

I'm so jealous!

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Judith didn't know what hit him.


Kirsten is cheering for Bubba.

Nobody saw us leave the room.

I came with them.

Is the cosmos infinite?

My favorite subject is biology.

He was very persuasive.

Let's not invite them.


Nicaraguan Native Americans call other Nicaraguans 'the Spanish.'


Polly complained at the front desk about the noise.


The words themselves are on the tip of my tongue, but I just can't say it.

What do you think Darci and Sjouke are talking about?

I'm flying to Hanoi tomorrow.

He seldom, if ever, goes to see the movies.

Chemical companies are waiting until everything dies down before reinvesting.


Jelske was too angry to speak.

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People can say what they want.

Matthias has been calling me regularly every evening.

There is no charge.


I reconsidered your offer.