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Jagath works on Sundays.


What did he say to Lukas?


Jane wanted to ask Sandeep how old she was, but he thought that maybe he shouldn't.

How much freight did you carry last trip?

There were few people on the beach.

We're aware of what's going on.

The shenanigans on Wall Street have sent the economy into a tailspin.


I wish to pretend to be an actor.

I bet I can do better than Vladimir.

Millie is hungry.

I intend to give this to you.

Take the emergency exit!


Francisco does not like cheese.

The prisoner is in chains.

I'm not here to cause trouble.


I don't want you to do that.

He's not going to get away with it this time.

There's nothing we can do to save Kerri at this point. All we can do is pray.


To Japanese, an American baby sleeping by himself seems lonely.


I had no idea Lindsay wasn't happy.


You are incredibly naive!

I've been trying to find a way to reach Marvin, but I can't.

Eat whatever you like.


They were both silent for a while.

Were I to make the truth known to Darryl, he would not believe it and would flee even deeper into his fantasy world.

Margot felt a little dazed.


The world's population recently passed 7 billion.

I'm resting.

Do you cry often?

David decided to stay at Hohn's.

Elliot must be Marvin's father.

I was quite satisfied.

You never know what will happen tomorrow.

Do they own a computer?

She's fond of inviting close friends to her house.

We have all the time in the world.

An economic crisis will hit at the end of the year.


Edgar pulled off his gloves.

All the boys were whistling and cheering.

I don't see Barbra.

Then, if so, why were the like of Kyouou let upon the throne?

You can feel the worm as a painful strand under the skin.

Don't follow her example.

We're still in the dark as to the identity of the killer.

It's not nearly as cold today as I thought it was going to be.

Phillip isn't as young as he looks.


There she is.

Kevyn wiped his nose on his sleeve.

She is afraid you might be lost.

Here's your party.

Turns out that the house is infested with Garter snakes. They're everywhere!

I would like to become a poet.

Liber stayed in the hotel.


Do you think money will buy her happiness?

I went to London by way of Paris.

Lars doesn't have enough experience.

It's like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank.

Did you dye your hair?

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I spend a few hours almost every day studying French.


I can't be friends with her.

Lance mixed himself a drink.

Until I entered the university, I had no experience of reading even a single book except comic books.

I'm going to use your phone.

What happened to the boat?


You should've let Phiroze do what he wanted to do.

It's a large one.

He lost the sight of one eye in a traffic accident.

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Put the clock right.


I firmly believe that.

I'm not going to be working with you anymore.

No one wants to talk about books anymore.


That's it, isn't it?

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Dan is Linda's husband.

We are no longer young.

Andrea didn't notice that his fly was open.

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Sue checked in at the Royal Hotel.

When will you return to Italy? I will return next year.

Here, I got us a bottle of white wine.

Laurie can't go in.

I like lots of butter on my toast in the morning.


I never meant you any harm.

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The sight tempted him to steal.

It is difficult to find work.

You're running late.


Don't you ever dust this place?

I've had a coffee.

We know you're busy.

Be careful swimming in the sea.

All students were against war.

I forgot it.

They need to answer this question.

I'm sure Ron would love it.

Why do people go to the movies?

Which city is the one closest to Barcelona?

I use Firefox.


I want this puppy.

I think it's really cool.

We're from Germany.

I decided to sign myself up.

Leila never does anything on his own.

Who are you? I guess you're not from here.

What would I not do to help you both out of the trouble?

This used to belong to Robbin.

She dedicated her life to science.


She's at a meeting.

I like to go to school.

Morton let go of the rope.

You'd better order replacements.

None of us saw it.


It's almost 2:30.

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Macintosh is a type of computer operating system.


He laughed off my idea.

You don't have to buy water, do you?

I was exhausted after running the race.

An apple floats in water, but not a pear.

My dad has been taking care of me for the past month.

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Opposite the station.

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Please let me know when you come to Osaka.

I like the Terminator films because the special effects are fantastic.

He was hard on forty at the time.

People are beginning to notice Urs.

I don't think anyone has lived in this house for years.


I have to peg up the washing.

I want to know how many times you've been to Boston.

I'm the gardener.

They excluded John from the club.

She doesn't want you to know.

Rees went back into his office.

I can't believe you fell for that.


We buy toilet paper made from recycled paper.

I'll let you know what happens.

I simply don't believe you.


The two sides struggled for hours in the hot summer sun.

Lyndon is a psychic.

I think it's time for me to abandon that plan.


Where did you put our key to the house?

Gregg was halfway out the door when the phone rang.

Who does the book belong to?

Do you need a grater?

There's a crop circle in the field.

Gypsy needs to eat.

Galen watched closely.

I really don't think that'll be necessary.

I didn't find anything.


My beloved is white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand.

She took Chinese medicine, which relieved her symptoms.

It's what I want to do.

"What's the reason for your allergy this time? Is it the olive oil in the salad?" "No, it's the tomatoes."

Sherman walked down Park Street past Pete's house.

Can she have broken off with them?

You could be in real danger.


Who sent them?

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Drinking coffee may help you stay awake.

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Jerry's helping.

How many ways are there to do that?

He rose from day laborer to governor.

I'm afraid that my efforts to help her are just a waste of time.

Was the door open?

What are you proposing?

They lived happily ever after.