The Japanese national power is still developing.

The ate a bowl of instant noodles.

When water freezes and becomes solid, we call it ice.

His official title at the company is Assistant to the President.

How much worse can it get?

He knows how to recognize aliens.

You arrived there before them.

Virgin Joseph appeared to Dorothy in a dream.

Please check if the meat is being roasted at the right heat.

I saw him no more.

How fast were you going?

What time do you get up on schooldays?

You have a nasty concussion.

We aren't used to being spoken to by a foreigner.


It was obvious that he was lying.

We're going to play handball.

I am deeply moved by your warm friendship and hospitality. I feel at ease in your home.

I think that our bill is realistic.

I'm going to my room, so I can study.

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Starbuck asked me where I had bought my hiking boots.

Customers stopped coming to our shop.

The table and the bed stood in their former places.

It still happens sometimes.

The judge decided against the plaintiff.

Bonnie bought a Japanese-Chinese dictionary.

I'll go to Boston in the spring.

I have to make some calls.

This is to clear up the misunderstanding.

I am not guilty and I am not a bad person.

My father and I clear the table in my family.

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Summer holiday begins in July.


I just banged my head on something.

Everyone seemed to already know that Jisheng and Oleg were getting divorced.

John is the taller of the two, and the tallest of them all.

Have a cup of milk. It will do you good.

We can't give you any more details at this time.

We decided to branch out into selling some foodstuffs.

Nhan was never threatened.


Isidore never reported that to the authorities.

I talked to Lloyd about my feelings.

Marvin often bashes his head against a wall.

I hope you will have a good time in Europe.

Draw a straight line.

How about another glass of wine?

I went to the theater to see a period drama.

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Wendy has really hairy arms.

Get out of my life!

There may be another way to do this.


Xiaoli often loses sleep because his neighbours are always arguing loudly.


My heart was broken.

The crop suffered serious damage as a consequence of the early frost.

Where are our coats?

Ginny and I had a lot of fun together.

Lebanon would fit in Brazil 818 times with room to spare.

I'm making far journeys, seeing foreign countries, doing things I never did before.

We have to give them something.

No, and it's not under the chair either.

I will be back in two week's time.


She's very protective of her.


I don't disagree with your decision.

There's no reason to get upset.

How is whiskey made?


The diamond was valued at 5,000 dollars.

Clay would do the same thing for me.

Go to the park.

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I am writing articles about strikes.

Kees and Elvis ate at a three-hundred-year-old restaurant.

Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.

She's very shy.

He searched for me, found me, and now we're a couple.


It's well worth it.


Lanny has disgraced himself.


Joon says that's a lie.

It is too early to get up.

It's worth going to Bali because you can see the amazing sunset.

Dan didn't even live in London.

This really isn't funny.

What's that thing supposed to do?

Narendra always wants something.


The front windshield of a car was smashed to pieces.

I'm a nurse.

I can do much better than Kent.

You'd regret doing that.

He is both tall and handsome.


Don't say that you can't do it before trying. You're not even doing it so how can you say that you can't do it?

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Have you paid your taxes?

He got the book for nothing.

I found a lost cat for which its owner had been searching.


He smells like a goat.

Linda is sixteen, but had no trouble passing for twenty.

Hillel was about to complain, but decided against it.

She comes from the South, as I knew from her accent.

Instead use words like "some", "many", "often", and begin statements with openers like, "In my experience, ...", "Excuse me if I'm wrong, but...", "In many instances, ...."

My boss is so stupid!

Murthy looks healthier than he used to.

I'm glad it's not me.

The eaves are dripping.

Make me your waiting maid, or set me to any work you choose, but do not cast me forth into the world.

Hot outside?

I came here to stop Root from doing something stupid.

The women will fine the man.


The baby has gotten rid of its cold.

Ken went to the supermarket to buy some eggs.

He was angry with his students.


John is much taller than Laurence.


She's slim, but short.


Do you know anything about them?

They demoted you.

You've got to warn her.

The Miami Heat won a second straight NBA championship.

The dog leaped at a stranger.

All is calm tonight.

Suddenly, it started to rain very hard.

Is that what you want, Pontus?

Many years went by.

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Theo isn't harming anybody.


Ocean waters are becoming warmer and more acidic, broadly affecting ocean circulation, chemistry, ecosystems, and marine life. More acidic waters inhibit the formation of shells, skeletons, and coral reefs.

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The budget is bound to fluctuate due to the economy.


You're spreading false news.

"Val!" he shouted when he recognized her.

Noam gathered her composure.


I want to join you.

I haven't done that yet.

Bryce's miserable.

I bought the same toaster that Raphael bought.

Giles might run into Rahul while he's in Boston.

The family was informed of the child's death.

If he had called me last night, I would have told him the truth.


Bobby is standing near the window.

They needed money.

Look at the girl who is now singing.

I don't think anyone thinks you're crazy.

Elaine attended that meeting.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our trip to the mountains this weekend will be cancelled.

I'll go and get you something to eat.


Even now there are occasional aftershocks.

He is obstinate in his opinion.

Mr Ito is a highly educated man.

Do you like to look at her picture?

I attempted to swim across the river.


The first native speaker of Esperanto was born in 1904; today there are several thousand Esperanto native speakers.

We wouldn't like to lose you.

He's ready now.

I often eat apples.

It hasn't been too hot.


You just need to stand there without moving.

Is that all you brought?

Exact change, please.


During the presentation the speaker talked mainly about gender inequality.


Lois put her piano up for sale.


I've gone and caught a cold.

I remember everything.

What's Peggy's problem anyway?


There was a problem with the thermostat.


I don't make excuses. I only provide reasons.

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Masao belongs to the tennis club.


Let me save you some time.

We're happy to see you.

This is not very stylish.

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The sales girl waited on me.