Let's hope that tomorrow he'll transform himself again!

Rudolph took a commercial flight to Boston.


I will make it clear that I won't come again.


They participated in the team games.

She enjoys reading novels.

Gregor wants a beer.


Ready, steady....Go!

It was very mild!

That's the last we saw of them.

Because of the typhoon, my parents ended their trip one day early.

You can find the same thing anywhere.

He is great in many ways.

Are they the people you saw yesterday?

Earnie shut the door quietly.

Kim didn't come to school yesterday.

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My neighborhood has a parade on the 4th of July.

They study in the afternoon.

I don't want to interrupt Judith while he's speaking.

No one was able to help us.

I've had a very long day.

He is not a singer, but an actor.

The sky was already looking grim when we set sail. Within an hour, the first squall had hit us.


I know everything about her.

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Are you doing anything special for New Year's Eve?

We might never see Holly again.

I learned that from you!

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The smoke made our eyes water.

I have a bowing acquaintance with Mr Smith.

I thought you'd be interested in this.


The change was remarkable.

The company will release the new drug next month.

I put the tip under two glasses because I knew they were always in a hurry.

See you all later.

I didn't think Josh would want to go with us.

In addition, devanagari is an abugida, used for Sanskrit, Nepali and Hindi, in which the characters contain a final 'a'-sound if another vowel does not change the sound. However, Arabic and Hebrew use separate systems called abjads, in which the vowels are not always indicated.

What's Ricardo's excuse?

It was not until this year that these documents were made available to the public.

The pupil was half asleep in class.

Japan imports most of the energy resources it needs.

I will buy cassette tapes.

She held out her hand and I shook it.

The best-known compositions by Franz Liszt are his nineteen Hungarian Rhapsodies, but he also created beautiful sonatas, symphonies, concerti, songs, and religious compositions.

I can't find anything wrong with his theory.

Is that why you came?


That is why women keep their career without marriage.

I wonder if you'd talk to Toerless about this for me.

Dan talked about his abusive father.


Her success at singing made her famous.

Do you recycle?

We'll have to be ready to go.

You always have a plan.

To tell the truth, he is not a human being.

Amos's jokes are hilarious and get even better after he's had a few beers.

We welcome you to our club.

The news dashed our hopes.

I know it very well.

Be supportive.

The teacher quizzed his pupils on English.

Turn off the light, please.

Merton is very good at cooking.

It just doesn't seem fair.

I really want to hold your hand.

What's not to love?

He's rather good.


Lenny knows Eddie is rich.


This is a very busy station.


Shirley is looking at the map.

I defeated the warrior.

The market never reaches stable equilibrium.

Did you ask Kamiya where he'd been?

The girl closed her eyes and listened to the pastor.

The deal did not go through.

Nobody can love him.


Your meaning didn't come across clearly.

I can't picture you traumatized.

What did you bury?

They have solved the problem once and for all.

I'm sorry, we're all out.

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Do you think it means something?

After a long argument, I finally gave in.

The British Parliament is still in the Palace of Westminster.

Oh, that's a secret, OK? Because slipping out of the dorm in the night is severely punished.

We all make mistakes, don't we?

Sometimes we get lost.

That's foolish.

Sangho is fairly well known.

Choose whichever of them is becoming to you.

I'm soaking wet.

He was conspicuous in his suit.

She was able to go to college thanks to the scholarship.

On Brad's birthday, Carlos baked him a cake with 'I like stoats' written on it in Gothic script.

I missed this deadline again!

I think I have tendinitis.

If he dislikes the main course, he orders meat with rice and salad.

I wish him the very best in his future endeavors.

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She watched the dead, falling leaves.

Thomas was leaning on the railing of the ship.

Valerie is the only one here that can do this.

It's Friday.

She looked lonely.

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They met at the estate of the shogun's retainer to play a game of cards.

Friends and relatives are invited.

Who's here?

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Many women could barely spell their names.

Stu is like the big brother I never had.

Caroline told me what to do.

I wonder who the man over there may be.

This is definitely illegal.

This is a crime against humanity.

Come to the party.


Himawan was surprised that Shaw had never listened to November Rain.

It was such a nice joke that everybody burst out laughing.

Barney slipped on the wet floor and dislocated his knee.

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What's Surya so worried about?


Where did you dazzle them?

He knows how to bind books.

Are you criticized by your boss?

I'm in pain every minute of every day.

Susan's a very tall boy.


I knew Daniel would be back.

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When were you in Boston?

The Canadian governement has closed the Experimental Lakes Area research site.

It's so cold tonight.

Let us complicate things further.

If you study new words, then use them more so that you will be able to more quickly memorize them.


Takeuchi is a smart girl.

They often quarreled with their brothers and husbands over the matter.

You can't hurt them.

Come what may, I won't stop making music.

How did you discover that?

Give me the microphone.

English is not difficult to learn.

You'd better get down here.

Ramsey is helping her.

I guess I should be going.

Enjoy your trip.

She lost both her parents.

How can I lose?


When you want to sell hot dogs in the ball park, you pay a concession fee to the ball-park's owner. When you want to profit from selling in the European Economic Community market, you pay what to whom?


70 percent of British people cannot speak a second language.

I want you here tomorrow by 2:30.

The water is clear to the bottom.

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The forest is teeming with life.

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Today, people all over the world are moving out of small villages in the country to go and live in big, noisy cities.


Look at the train going over the bridge.

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I know what they're paying you.


It would be too cold for me up there now.


What am I supposed to do about that?

There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.

They were always good friends.

We set the time and date for the game.

They used to live in luxury.

I need to be more careful.

Take Jennifer for example.

Come and celebrate Canada day with a fun-filled evening of live music and dance performances, family activities and spectacular fireworks.

I need to make some changes.

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Ask as many times as necessary.


What were you doing together?

Farouk almost spilled his coffee.

I am a lucky budgie, aren't I?

I used to work at a restaurant in Boston.

It is necessary that she should go herself.

The class accepted the new teacher.

He has a rich imagination.

There's nothing going on here.

Would you all excuse me?