I love her so much, but she does not love me.

Ray grabbed his guitar and headed for the door.


I'll tell her that's not true.


Strange to say, I dreamt the same dream twice last night.


Everybody laughed except me.


Only six people came to the party.


In his wrinkled face could be seen the marks of a past filled with suffering.

I was kept waiting in the rain for as long as ten minutes.

Some fish fly.

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Thank you very much for your detailed explanation.

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We work together.

Getting rid of garbage has become a major headache for the authorities.

Who else was at the meeting?

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BMI categories (underweight, overweight or obese) from general reading table are inappropriate for athletes, children, the elderly, and the infirm.

List dreamed that one day she would meet a prince and they would get married.

Dimetry doesn't want to see Daryl at all.

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This revision of Darwin's ideas came under fire from academic positions.

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You've seen what we can do.

You're not Brazilian, are you?

We made some stupid mistakes.


Your blood pressure's low.


He was about to go out when the telephone rang.

This exercise is simpler than I thought.

He was the angriest man I've ever had the misfortune to meet!

I don't think you'd enjoy it.

Has Vince gone insane?

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The teacher as well as his students has come.


No doctor is perfect.


He dared ignore my advice.

I wish you your happiness. Not like fortunes and such, but everything will surely be all right no matter what happens.

All applicants in music must audition.

You're being a fool.

Bjorne is Subra's son.

I'll never see him again.

Why did you stop me?

The racket slipped from my hands and broke itself on the court when I made the serve.

I swim almost every day.

Dave never returned to school again.

Izumi was late for the meeting this afternoon.

Asked from what country he came, he replied, "I am a citizen of the world."

I'm afraid you're going to have to do this without any help.

My grandmother can't see very well.

I'm little worried about Jef.

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He was released from prison immediately after the war.

She is very clever.

I have a lot to do.

I know you helped me.

That's the correct answer.

She pushed him out the window.

Sumitro slept on the bus.

Mechael is writing something.

Dan had to cover Linda's funeral costs.

Mohammad told me he was ready.

God is great.

Tell me what's bothering you.

You need to talk to Harris.

Don't you have any skills?

I'm the guy who knows where Lloyd hid the diamond.

He found me a nice tie.

Our goal is to own a home before we are thirty.


I hope that's enough.

Alan saw his name written on the blackboard.

Tell me that's not the truth.

Most of the Dutch in New Amsterdam did not leave.

I thought a game of tennis might be fun.

Janice closed his eyes as the nurse inserted the needle into his arm.

The discussion went on till late at night.

Let's have a party with members of the tennis club.

I've got news.


Your ideas are welcome.

The air is hazy.

Things are coming apart.


Daren is a wealthy man.

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Whose kid is that?

Can you make it before the deadline?

I expect to see Clarence again next month.

Let's get dancing.

They abhor violence.

The stock market was surprisingly quiet today.

Do exactly what I tell you to do.

My girlfriend lied to me.

You should read books beneficial to you.

This type of behaviour could lead you to be fairly dismissed.

I'm sure you're doing your best.

Remember to flush the toilet.

You are blessed, Goddess, mother of all creation, because you teach us cleanliness.

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I thought we weren't supposed to go there without Jisheng.

Kyu tried the knob.

I want popcorn.

How many times have you done this puzzle already?

Why don't you ask William to help you?

Should I go to the police?

What kind of food do you like to eat?

That doesn't mean anything.

I took him out to dinner in return for his help.

I think Lorenzo's anger is just a defense mechanism; I wouldn't take it personally if I were you.

This table is full of woodworm.


I fight badly.

How old might your father be?

I know about Pilar and King.

That was so creepy.

Can you show me how this works?

I was not feeling well.

It'll soon be breakfast time.


I'm not worried at all.


Isaac kept us waiting for a long time.


I'm pretty bummed out.

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You were never here.

Did Jerome say something to you?

The bus was heading north.

Jong doesn't like to speak French.

Starting off, first on the agenda is about this morning's two-in-a-bed ruckus.

She couldn't convince him to accept a personal check.

I thought you were going steady with Karen.

Please don't make much noise.

Victoria took off his ski boots and put on a pair of slippers.


When was the last time you lost your keys?

Can I pay for the book by check?

They were very happy.


I didn't let Hienz know that I was coming.

Please take the bread with the tongs.

You shouldn't listen to Ritalynne.

I hope Claudia won't tell Space.

Flowers are always a good idea.

The Internet changed everything.

They remained good friends.


Vicky is lying in bed, fast asleep.

They offered it to me first.

I've heard it said that English is for making money, French for making love, and Spanish for praying to God.


He and I want to dance a lot and go for a walk.

The boy who lives next door often comes home late.

Take them home.

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Have you ever been to a costume party?


That was probably just before Mai took the drastic step of leaving home.

Let's meet for a drink.

I didn't want to embarrass you.

If I have time, I'll drop by.

Where did you want to take him?


Space is full of mysteries.

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We have an extraordinary design team.

I definitely want Samuel to be here by 2:30.

To deny sustenance to the Army of Northern Virginia, Sheridan determined to take the entire harvest of the Shenandoah Valley.

Did you see him?

It all started on a stormy day.

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Did you ask Bradford that question?


He has been ill in bed for four days.

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I don't suppose you're going to let me do what I want to do.

You and I must understand one another, and that without delay.

There is a time for everything.

I want this puppy.

What people are coming to the party?

I've written part of the report already.

The weather was delightful.


At these last words, Pinocchio jumped up in a fury, took a hammer from the bench, and threw it with all his strength at the Talking Cricket.

Would you like to eat something?

We'll all go together.

It's far too dangerous.

Professor Jefferson has a good rapport with his students.

They found Pontus.

I wonder where Vaughn could've gone.

His aunt takes care of his dog during the day.

The bank is closed on Sunday.