We entered a restaurant and discussed the energy crisis over our dinner.

Acts of violence will not be tolerated and will be responded to with appropriate disciplinary action.


The Princess came out of the copper castle, and became Queen; and that pleased her very much.


What's the airmail rate?

There are only two paths out from this house.

Joseph doesn't know what to say to him.


Martyn is black.

One of my friends knows you.

The teacher is likely to get angry with the students.


Just you be careful.


Pria isn't even in the race.

Vickie says it was all your idea.

I don't understand what's wrong with it!

I can't ignore this situation anymore.

Lunch is served.

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Even Sugih grinned.

Carter makes a lot more money than Teri does.

My father has a lot of clout at city hall.

I want you to know where I've been.

Is this even possible?

We shall never forget helping each other like this.

The train rolled out of the station.

It's not up to me.

They're not talking.

We have the right to live where we please.

That's why my heart suffers so incessantly.

Dan begged Linda for forgiveness.

I can't speak French very well.


Every successful repetition spoke favorably for the quality of the first test.

We'll need help.

Are you sure you want to borrow Nicholas's car without asking?

I want you to see these.

I have lost count.


We really thought we could do it.

Vickie has written another book.

It is easy to answer this question.

I really do hate her.

Magnus drove away.

It is always windy near the sea.

We run into each other quite often.

A day without you is like a summer without the sun.

I hear some tribes in eastern Africa live on milk products.

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The walls supported the entire weight of the roof.

Things are getting worse.

You're obsessed.


I'm so tired I could die.

Some people don't approve of professional baseball.

Major and Margot have been married for over 30 years.

I know that what I did was really stupid.

Dana said he'd be here tonight.


Jock and Syun get along.

We are beginning our descent.

I need the tape.

I didn't like you at first.

If native speakers of Turkish contribute new, natural-sounding sentences in their own language or translate into Turkish the non-Turkish sentences which they can fully understand, then Tatoeba will become an even better resource for everyone, for example, who is learning English via Turkish or learning Turkish via English.

There was something going on.

Thanks. I appreciate it.

I was the only person in the whole theater that was alone.

I invited her to the party.

My girl friend ought to be here by this time.

Could you please give me your cellphone number?

"Is Nora your boyfriend?" "No, he's just a friend."

I never meant for this to happen.


He never wanted to help his mates.


When are you going to tell Vickie about Part?

Rafael didn't go to school yesterday because he didn't want to.

I forgot the password to my account.

Don't put off your departure on account of me.

Where do you want to go on your summer vacation?


He can't do it.

If he goes on like that, he will never amount to much.

They were sitting on the sofa in our living room.

Stanly had to borrow money from The to pay his rent.

What do you know about zombies?

A nap would be good.

He has not gotten in touch with me for a long time under the pretence of being busy.

How can this be happening?

When we are in good health, we are apt to forget its value.


I'm going to kill you for wasting my time.

Cristopher and Vassos looked at each other and then back at John.

Mat is one of the world's most famous contemporary artists.

I hear that Mann Jackson is one of the best lawyers in Boston.

You never have class or what?!

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I like playing tennis, though I'm not very good at it.

If there are problems, call me.

Let's ask Stefan if he can help us.

I've already told Michel what to do.

Know thyself!


Let's call for backup.

She started to go through the bundle of letters.

I'll go and meet him, if it's necessary.

Giovanni got in his car and went home.

Arnold isn't saying why.

This is her house.

According to the Mayan calendar, the end of the world will come soon.


I'm afraid I can't help you now.

Jay has changed a lot since then.

I am going to work out the problem by myself.


I am not well at all.

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Kathryn said he had to work late.

Having finished her work, she went home.

I don't think Jef needed to be here.

Please accept my sincere apologies for my impertinence.

The bull is mooing.

I can touch the ceiling.

My rota is showing a lot of additional working times.

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Myrick likes all vegetables except cabbage.

I don't believe that if I changed my habits I could become healthier.

Ninja doubts if it will rain.

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I was a naughty boy.

I'll be with you every step of the way.

He has been to Europe, not to mention America.

The company will hold a presentation of the new model tomorrow.

Which text editor do you prefer?

I'm not looking for a relationship.

I'm really worried about Part.

I think it's dangerous to walk alone at night.

I'm sure Sjouke would be delighted.


Be sure to turn off the gas before you go out.

Please show me the menu.

The children were playing in the driveway.

There was no doubt in my mind that Dawson would make the right decision.

He is able to swim quickly.

Could I have some water?

That was a foolish decision.

My head is full of words for you.

That's completely irrelevant.


How do you know?

Tell me what you overheard.

Carisa didn't want to be punished.

Marsha told me that something was wrong.

I like him all the more for his weaknesses.


Saiid's sister Nick is now in Boston.


As far as I know, he is a reliable person.


Maternal love is greater than anything else.

Sanford and Patricia weren't invited.

I always wear a seatbelt when I'm driving.

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I see a gentleman and a lady.

She demanded to see the manager.

I was involved in a traffic accident.

What does Hillary expect in return?

The company, although with some exceptions, usually utilizes its resources very well.

I cannot spread mustard on my bread. I don't like it.

Jason sent one to me.


What should a person feel to buy something?

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Can you tell me who I need to talk to?


I know how important he is to you.

I couldn't meet his expectations.

Seymour leaned back in his swivel chair.

I thought Nicholas might be your boyfriend.

They attained their purpose at last.

Oscar was caught lying.

You always called me from her house.

Never again would she want to live there.

They deal in software products.

That is because human beings are mammals.

My girl friend ought to be here by this time.

As I have walked all the day, I am very tired.

Smokers foul up the air.

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Sundaresan didn't think the rain would last so long.

Brent started to come in, but Dwight stopped him.

Even when I sat in the sun, I was cold.

I've found them.

Compared with her husband, she is not so careful.

I'm older than him.

Rebecca asked for directions to the nearest hospital.

Jeanne said that he had nothing to hide.

Believe it or not, peaches and almonds are family.