Don't be terrified.

You're going to need one.


Go and meet him, and while you're about it mail this letter.

The mother gives an apple to her sons.

He likes flamboyant clothes.


Who is your father?

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You shouldn't associate with men like that.

You should visit Kyoto, which is famous for its old temples and shrines.

That's Will's apartment.

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Pack your stuffs dear. I ordered plane tickets for us. We will spend honeymoon in Paris.

The leader of the opposition called for an independent investigation.

The present world owes its convenient life to petroleum.

Act like adults.

One may live in a big house and yet have no comfort.

I won the fight.

Nothing can stop him.


Forgetting to say the graduating student's name at the graduation ceremony was a colossal miss.

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He doesn't tolerate that type of behaviour.

She was a girl of imposing appearance and winning manners. But this staggered him. If she were such a slave to fashion and observance, she was not the woman for his wife.

Just let me know if you have any trouble.


Novorolsky is a classically-trained musician.

My computer crashed and now it won't start up.

Raymond did well on his French test.

They carried on the summit conference till late.

He loves to party.


She went from London to Paris.


I think Jisheng is likely to be very hungry by the time he gets home tonight.

Your encouragement will draw her out.

What the king says is always absolute.

The two countries formally initiated diplomatic relations.

You saved my ass.

Sue and Page weren't listening to music.

Roderick never really trusted Takao.

Becky was looking at a picture of Isaac.

I have to speak with him.

When she heard that, she turned pale.

He could see the entire landscape from the top of the mountain.

That sounds like fun.

He was innocent.

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Jordan and Annard are sitting side by side.


Caleb is big and strong.

He invited her to go to the concert.

Who sings that song?

I don't expect them to support my view.

I guess it was our bad luck.

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When he came, we were having dinner.


This is no place for children.

Stu brought Jeany a drink.

She'll certainly get along well with my grandmother.

His heart beat rapidly.

I was there all alone at first, but then came still Liisa and Liisa's new friend.


John is more qualified than Peter.


I'll be right back with your drinks.

I've never seen her.

Rainer asked me to ask you if you want to come with us.

No one trusts him.

Don't beat about the bush.

At your age, you ought to know better.

A man who never makes mistakes is a man who does nothing.

I haven't yet finished my homework.

I don't have enough RAM.

Stevan doesn't even have to say anything.

Benjamin killed his drink.

Don't you think the dog is smart?

Terrance asked for a wake-up call.

I made Michelle promise not to tell Ross.

Louis Braille, who was blind from the age of three, invented a way for the blind to read.

He did not believe anyone had the right to do so.

Tobias doesn't actually speak much French.

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There are some cookies in the jar.


She fell in love with him, but didn't even know his name.

I want to see who's in the classroom.

Evacuation orders have been issued.

I am very lucky to have friends who care about me.

Spike is trying to be cool.

Where is everybody from?

Hardly anybody's happy today.

The question is where should we park our car.

Zainab is very fat. She eats five meals a day. Zainab's weight is 100 kg.

We had to smoke our meat to preserve it.

What was your net profit last year?

Amir has fallen behind in his work.

I've attempted suicide twice.

Betty cannot keep any secret to herself for a long time.

It looks like you've made a friend.

This painting is a good copy of the original.

I'm from Croatia.

Rhonda opened the bottle of rum and poured some into a glass.

Will you show me how to use this camera?

Make sure you get plenty of rest.

We named my son after my grandfather.

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You and Shean must be busy.

We'll all work together.

Americans appear unsettled and uncontrolled to Japanese.

The race is over.

I could do with some rest.


But I'd like to learn more.

There are many simple games which can be played with just paper and pencil, such as hangman and tic-tac-toe (sometimes called naughts and crosses).

We're a hundred percent behind you.


Did you see the new function?


My guess is that Pilar doesn't have so many friends.

Prakash and I left right away, but Micah stayed behind to wait for John.

Have you got any apples?


You can take advantage of your free time.

Please tell me the truth ; is there a Santa Claus?

The girl is pulling her mom's hair.

I fell down really hard and got a black bruise on my knee.

What is your older sister doing now?

Health is the first condition of happiness.

He studied to be a doctor.

Elaine has been in far worse situations than this.

Do you mind if I smoke here?

Vincenzo is always willing to help.

I can't do that to him.

I don't know where Johnathan lives.

Don't you remember him?

Do you have any idea where Rodney might have put his camera?

The governor appeared on TV in person.

The desire to survive and the fear of death are artistic sentiments.

You must on no account do such a thing.

Warren isn't very good company.

Norma didn't have anything.

I asked the jeweler to inscribe my initials on the back my watch.

I have to win.

I'm buying a new car.

I asked Hillel if he could have it ready by 2:30.

Shouldn't you be at school already?

Tad isn't used to city life.

It's not worth arguing about.

Don't feel sorry for Dustin.

I saw that movie a long time ago.

She still writes poems.

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What is the difference between this and that?

My brother built a new shanty for ice-fishing.

He did not win his party's nomination.

I caught the last bus.

You should try to behave better.

The fellow standing over there is my friend.

Since I couldn't solve the problem, I returned, along with my people, and told them what had happened with our cook and her husband.

His humble background parallels that of his predecessor.

What color do you want to dye your hair?

Can virtue exist without sin?

I can't ask Donald to quit.


Willie convinced Jane.

James won't back down.

I assume Derek will eventually be arrested for what he did.

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Despite a large surplus in merchandise trade, the current account surplus is not so big due to a deficit in invisible trade.

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The sun of the east shall rise in the west.


Part sent his mother some flowers on Mother's Day.

You should be prepared for emergencies.

This one's my personal favorite.

I don't think so.

I rewrote one.

I can't wait for them.

The shortest comments are often the most useful ones.


I met a child once.

It's just a matter of form.

You're not even thirty yet.


I'm not sure what that means.

Ssi lives just a few blocks away.

That it does not prevent our dying is evident, because we all die.


One of our windows is broken.

Is there something troubling you?

Herman is only three months older than Vicki.

We said that we had been in Peru for five years.

He begged me to go with him.

Our earnings are in proportion to our real ability.

Line up and walk to the door in order.

Lorien doesn't really love Rayan.

After he had finished his work, he would read and study by the fireside.